Top 5 English League Footballers Who Are Going to End Their Careers This Year

The past year stood out from the rest in different terms. Most people struggled to lead their usual lifestyles and do things they love, but the world’s unpromising epidemiological situation brought its adjustments. Thus, football players were forced to take a back seat and wait when they could take the field once again and please their fans with unexpected turns of the game. Today we see that the situation gradually comes back to its starting point before the lockdown, and football teams start preparing for a football marathon of extraordinary difficulty. So, all the students who can call themselves devoted football fans should take care of their assignments and deadlines beforehand. They can turn to professional services if they need to complete an assignment on the topic “Why Students Increasingly Suffer From Psychological Illnesses.” So, they will free up their schedules and get their papers done on time. This summer promises to be hot from different sides, and some players might have only several weeks between competitions. Even though most English footballers will prepare themselves for Premier League action and other national and international matches, some will turn out to be out-of-contract players and may even end their careers.

Phil Jagielka

This 38-year-old defender is one of the seniors of the English League at the current moment. He started his career with Sheffield United 21 years ago as a central midfielder. Phil can boast of forty England caps and being a part of the most famous English squads when it came to such crucial competitions as the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The player was devoted only to two football clubs during the career. Even though he changed Sheffield United for the sake of Everton and played there for eleven years, in the end, he has returned to his initial club. You could watch him playing in 322 games for Everton and 260 games for Sheffield United. Today the player is on the list of free agents ahead of June due date and is about to end his career, even though he hasn’t made an official announcement.

Wes Morgan

The 36-year-old English League defender of Jamaican origin is also on the list of seniors. Just like the previous footballer, Wes cooperated only with two football clubs in his career. He joined Nottingham in 2002 and played with them until 2012 when he changed the club for Leicester City. If you’ve been watching the latter football club’s activity for a while already, you know that the player showed incredible results and appeared in almost all league matches until 2016. However, the last season showed that the defender couldn’t handle the workload and played at the previous level. A dramatically reduced number of appearances on the field suggests that the player is about to retire pretty soon. He will hardly withstand the tension of the upcoming football season. And while students can use the services of experienced writers to reduce the workload, football players have to meet all the challenges themselves.

Jose Holebas

It is interesting that thanks to his national roots, the defender can represent three countries (Germany, Greece, and the USA) during international matches. However, he has decided to opt for Greece only in this regard, so you could see him in 38 matches for the Greek national football team. And even though his deal with the Premier League club ended last summer, he can still be considered an English League footballer since he played for Watford for about five years and appeared in 114 matches for the club. He seriously injured his ankle, and this trauma forced him to reduce the number of matches in the Premier League he could take part in, so he has started thinking about retirement.

Leon Clarke

While other footballers on the list served several clubs only, this forward has managed to play for about 17 different English and even Scottish clubs. In most cases, it was about short contracts. His age and track record suggest that he may start reflecting on retirement. Leon became a part of Sheffield United five years ago when they managed to move to the Premier League two seasons later. However, the football player participated only in two matches in the last season. When he ended his contract with Sheffield United, he worked on loan for Wigan Athletic and joined Shrewsbury Town club as a striker. It still remains unclear whether we manage to watch him playing in the upcoming season.

Adrian Joseph Mariappa 

He is an English-born defender of Jamaican origin who has managed to build a successful football career in the English League. He started climbing the career ladder 16 years ago when he joined Watford. You could watch him playing in 247 matches, 19 of which were in the Premier League. When his deal with Watford was over in 2012, he joined Reading and, after 29 matches, moved to Crystal Palace in 2013. Nonetheless, it seemed he missed his first club so much that he returned to Watford three years later. Last year he signed a contract with Bristol City, but there are rumors that he reflects on retirement. All the racist comments he was subjected to in 2019 on social networks resulted in a severe defensive injury crisis.