What’s The Most Popular Animal for Naming a Sports Team After?

Lots of pro and college sports teams pick fierce critters to represent them on the field. Birds of prey, big jungle cats, even underwater creatures with scary horns – their names spark a little fear and respect from rivals. Where every fan adopts the energy, the momentum representative of each animal and bets with blind faith for his team with every chance of winning, you can also visit check thehogs.net online football betting for up-to-date odds and be the next to play for your team. Let’s check out some of the most popular animal identities different franchises have adopted over the years.

Spoiler: Here is the result!

  • 1st Big Cats (4 Teams): Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, and Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 2nd Birds (4 Teams): Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, and Atlantic Falcons

Falcons Fly High

The Atlanta Falcons have soared in the NFL since starting up in 1966. Their logo shows a black falcon with its wings spread wide, similar to how these birds of prey dive down super fast to grab their target. When the owners were naming their new team, that image of falcons swiftly swooping in for the catch clearly inspired them.

Ravens Bring Mystery and Menace

The Baltimore Ravens have made the most of fans’ awe of these brainy birds ever since taking on the name in 1996. Their big Super Bowl XLVII win proves that their famous ‘nevermore’ catchphrase does intimidate the competition. And they could do it again as the team is one step away from the Superbowl, with the Kansas City Chiefs their next obstacle. Ravens have a -4 points spread and so they are favourites to win by more than 4 points.

Bills Use Heads as Battering Rams

The Buffalo Bills make people think of the American bison – a beast that can weigh up to a ton and has thick horns on its skull. These creatures can run 35 miles per hour and deliver some serious head-on hits. Since 1960, the Bills football squad has shown the same rugged resilience. No matter how many times they get knocked down, they just get back up and charge again.

Panthers Prowl Sneakily

When the Carolina Panthers joined the NFL in 1995, they picked one of the most well-known big cats out there. Panthers are usually solitary and hunt at night, quietly stalking their prey before attacking. This team follows that sly approach just like their namesake does to try and gain every edge on the field.

Bears Balance Brawn and Brains

As one of the oldest franchises in football history, the Chicago Bears have epitomized brute strength since 1920. But bears are also surprisingly crafty, using smart tactics to outmaneuver less clever prey. This squad blends their formidable physical play with clever calls to keep opponents guessing. No lead against Da Bears is ever safe!

Bengals Rule the Jungle

Thick coats help bengals sneak through the brush, and their thundering roars declare they’re in charge. The Cincinnati Bengals have tapped into people’s respect for these awesome cats ever since 1968. For decades, the franchise has unleashed triumphant victories, stomping all over the field until the other team gives up.

Broncos Gallop Freely

Denver Broncos players race down the field with the same speed and rugged spirit as their mascot. In nature, wild broncos run free, their mane and tail waving behind them like a victory flag. This symbol of freedom and fearlessness is perfect for the Colorado NFL squad, as they keep showing off their untamed talent since 1960.

Lions Lead with Heart

The Detroit Lions have brought some big feline intimidation to football since 1934. Their logo shows a male lion looking bold and ready to rumble. But beyond just muscle, lions also represent heart, teamwork and loyalty in their prides. This franchise embraces that pack mentality, earning respect from enemies through fierce play. Like the Ravens, the team is a stone’s throw away from 2024’s Superbowl final, but the bookies have put their opponents, San Francisco 49rs, to win by 7 points or more on the spread.

Jaguars Are Calculated Stalkers

When the Jacksonville Jaguars started up in 1995, their logo had spots like their namesake. Jaguars often hunt solo, carefully stepping through the brush before explosively ambushing much bigger prey. Their attack strategy means rivals have to stay on guard every single second. No one relaxes when Jaguars are on the prowl.

Dolphins Show Smarts

Miami’s football franchise has shown off the brains and skill that make dolphins amazing since 1966. Their curved shape lets them maneuver smoothly, and they use advanced sonar to communicate. This team wins thanks to clever plans carried out flawlessly. Foes soon learn it’s foolish to underestimate these savvy sea creatures.

Eagles Have Vision and Resilience

With eyes that can spot tiny prey from miles overhead, eagles are respected hunters. The Philadelphia Eagles have had that same sharp offensive vision since 1933, scanning the field to strike. And even when things get tough, this franchise stays strong – just like a noble eagle standing guard through any storm.

Seahawks Rule the Skies

The Seattle Seahawks bring aerial excellence to the NFL in honour of their wind-gliding namesake. Since their inaugural 1976 season, the franchise plays every game like the calculating seahawks scanning for openings to execute precise strikes. Their aerial attack strategies and skill securing interceptions upholds the reputation of masterful raptors patrolling cloudy Pacific Northwest skies.

Rams Rush In Recklessly

Male bighorn sheep are known to hurl their muscular frames against opponents at 20 mph speeds. That reckless abandon translates well for the St. Louis Rams franchise since 1937. Through several city changes, they’ve maintained the willingness to lower their horns and charge forward with brute force time and time again. It’s this persistent gumption that earned them Super Bowl XXXIV.

In the NHL Big Cats and Birds of Prey Win the Vote

From Birds of Prey to Big Cats to Marine Mammals, these teams tap into beastly traits that fuel competitiveness. Opponents must respect the inner power these identities reflect or they risk being conquered by Bears, blindsided by Jaguars or trampled by Rams! When facing animal-inspired rivals at home or away games, cheering fans should prepare to unleash serious roars. However, when it comes to the most popular animals used as team names, it is big cats, and teams named after birds come second!