Top 5 Football Players Who Became Great Coaches 

Many footballers have become famous for their incredible speed and tactical skills. That is why millions of people around the world love football. But victories and trophies are nothing compared to directing the actions of the entire team on the field. The coach is the main person on which any team’s tactics, motivation, and success depend. Here are the top five football players who became great coaches.

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola was a great athlete who did a lot to make Barcelona great. However, this footballer decided to pursue a career as a coach and became the youngest-ever manager to win the European competition. His multifaceted strategy and ability to create a team spirit have helped Barcelona to win so many trophies. Pep Guardiola was also able to help Bayern Munich and Manchester City win dozens of trophies.

This football expert knows how to analyze team lineups and find weak points to defeat any opponent. You should look at the best matches in Barcelona to see how Pep was able to create an unbeatable team. However, you will need a lot of time. If you are a student, then recently used the Essay Pro website will come in handy. Find a good writing service and enjoy watching matches.

Zinedine Zidane

Many people know Zinedine Zidane as a professional athlete and one of the best footballers ever to play Juventus and Real Madrid. However, it is worth noting that many experts were very skeptical about the start of his coaching career. Nevertheless, Zinedine Zidane helped Real Madrid become a truly great club. The main reason is that Zidane is very pragmatic and takes hundreds of aspects into account before deciding tactics for the next match.

His inquisitive mind and ability to correctly combine players on the field allowed him to become one of the greatest coaches. Part of Zidane’s success lies in his immense experience as an athlete and his ability to anticipate important events on the pitch. Imagine a student who found an outside academic helper. The excitement and emotion are comparable to those experienced by athletes who win the match, thanks to the right strategy chosen by Zidane.

Kenny Dalglish

This truly great athlete is known for his illustrious career at Liverpool. It is worth noting that Dalglish decided to become a play-manager at Liverpool in 1985. His career grew rapidly, and he was able to win many titles and cups. It is worth noting that many fans were surprised when Kenny Dalglish decided to become a Blackburn Rovers turner. Thanks to his efforts, the club was able to win the league title in 1995. One of the features of this manager was the maximum pragmatism and rejection of emotions. Each match, his teams came out only to show the best result. According to some interviews, Kenny Dalglish has always strived to make athletes feel like the team is their family.

Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has gained the most popularity as a footballer thanks to his contracts with Roma and Milan. His coaching career began with Reggiana. Despite his success, the coach was often criticized for his conservatism and the desire to adhere to the same tactics, no matter what happened. However, his coaching career at Juventus and Milan was more progressive. Ancelotti has learned to adapt to any situation and has always created successful strategies to achieve the desired result. That is why many people appreciate his talent and ability to predict future events.

Diego Simeone

Millions of soccer fans know this footballer as one of the best midfielders in Lazio and Inter. His coaching career began with Argentine clubs. Thanks to the novice coach, the teams were able to achieve good results. However, the real extravaganza began when Simeone became the coach of Atlético Madrid. Given the huge number of giants, the team created effective defensive tactics and began to occupy top places in the standings. In 2014, his team won the La Liga title. Many coaches criticize Diego Simeone for being overly defensive, believing that his team can play better. However, criticism comes from those teams that have the status of losers. That is why any tactic has the right to life if the result satisfies the coach, the team, and the club.

Final Words

As you can see, many talented coaches have proven that they can build a strong team based on the experience gained during their football careers. In addition, titles, cups, and high places in the standings are the best indicators of success. Moreover, only an ex-footballer can fully understand how to organize a strategy for each athlete to benefit the team. These five coaches were able to start their careers quickly and achieved excellent results over several years. Many young managers draw on the experience of Guardiola, Zidane, and other famous personalities, as this is a great opportunity to start a career and not make mistakes.