How Football Clubs Make Money From Advertising

Everyone who has something to do with a football club or football League might have noticed the number of ads that you come across every now and then. You run into all these advertisements for a reason since football clubs are closely aligned with marketing and advertising. The latter turns out to be one of the key sources of income. However, some people cannot get how it happens. Well, many companies do their best to take advantage of a huge army of football fans globally. Football has long been considered one of the most popular sports worldwide. The most devoted fans are even ready to put their lives on pause and devote all their attention to the game. And while students can just read said ScamFighter team in their interview to find a reliable writing service that can help free up their schedules, adults have to meet challenges for the sake of watching football. So, it is not surprising that businesses and brands turn football into leverage that helps them get worldwide exposure.

Early birds

The smartest or luckiest companies have managed to notice the football’s potential in terms of advertising, and now customers associate them with certain football clubs. For instance, many people connect Liverpool club with Carlsberg. And considering the tremendous hype around the Premier League, many companies are ready to participate in the rat race to get their piece of the pie. The upcoming football season promises to become really hot in different terms, so brands do their best to get a chance to advertise their service through the game. Football fans are hungry for games and all the ad proposals after a year of staying at home during the pandemic. In their turn, companies are ready to spend a pretty penny on the ad campaigns and dealing with the associated challenges because they’ve already counted the profit they will get in the end. So, what are the main sources of income when it comes to advertising?


Being the key sponsor of a football club is a cherry on the pie and the highest elevation you can reach in terms of advertising when it comes to this game. It is like the holy grail that everyone wants to get. If you manage to achieve this result, you will get the exposure and loyalty of a huge football fan army. In other words, you will get tremendous possibilities to move your brand to a completely new level. If you carefully study football clubs’ key sponsors, you will happen upon car brands, gambling companies, and IT leaders.

Auto sponsors

When it comes to the main sponsors of football clubs, one will not do without car companies. They have occupied this niche for a long time already and are not going to give up their places. Thus, Chevrolet has become an official sponsor of Manchester United, so the team’s t-shirts may change soon. At the same time, FIAT has continued to be the official sponsor of Juventus since 2002.

Gambling companies

Football betting is no less popular than horse one, so it is not surprising the biggest casino brands struggle to become football clubs’ sponsors. It is like a successful lottery ticket that provides unlimited opportunities. Betway company has managed to become an official sponsor of West Ham since 2015.

IT leaders

Since modern technologies gain momentum, IT brands do their best to draw attention to themselves. Thus, some IT leaders have become football clubs’ sponsors for a while already. You might have known that Samsung has been sponsoring Chelsea since 2002.


Sometimes you can run into straight advertising in football, but companies must have tremendous capabilities to do that. It can be about some ads on the scoreboard or more common ways of promotion. For example, a company may purchase an advert board around the field or somehow appear in the matchday program. Brands may have to spend a pretty penny on such an ad campaign since a program ad may reach $15,000. However, there are many other ways to advertise football club merchandise. If you surf the Internet, you will come across football training sets, tours, different accessories, etc. Thus, if you have financial power, you can get the best out of this game. One should just study all the available opportunities. If you cannot find time because of assignments, it is worth examining some writing service reviews to get a trustworthy helper.

Advertising boards

If you have ever visited a football match, you might have noticed various advertising boards around the field. Their price varies depending on the location over the ground and other factors like whether the board faces the field or the crowd. Besides, if the match is broadcasting, and your board is in the line of the cameras, you may have to spend a fortune. However, the result of such an ad will be fruitful as well.


If you are a gifted negotiator with an impressive bank account, you can follow Samsung’s example and become the main sponsor of the football club’s t-shirts. Even though you may have big expenses, your incomes will increase dramatically as well.

Match ball

If t-shirt sponsorship is not your cup of tea, but you still want to try your hand at matchday advertising, then you may reflect on a match ball sponsorship. It will not cost you a fortune, but you will get a good chance to advertise your brand.