Winklejohn: Syracuse a ‘must-win’ game for Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech won the Sun Bowl last year

Matt Winklejohn from calls in to preview Syracuse’s upcoming game against Georgia Tech with host Wes Cheng on The Juice on the Cuse podcast hosted by The Juice Online Senior Columnist Jim Stechschulte also calls in to chat about the win over NC State and SU’s bowl chances.

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The Juice Online: How big of a game is Saturday for Georgia Tech? Is this a must-win situation for the Yellow Jackets?

Georgia Tech has lost three straight

Matt Winklejohn: Syracuse is a must-win situation. Georgia Tech is 3-3 and to become bowl eligible, they have to win three more games against FBS opponents and they’ve only got five more games against FBS opponents because Alabama A&M won’t help them in one of their last games. The Jackets have to win three of five of their remaining games, and Clemson and Georgia are two of them. You’d be hard pressed to find Georgia Tech fans who think they’re going to beat Clemson at Clemson or beat Georgia here which has been a tall order in the last 15 years. That means that Tech needs to beat Syracuse and Virginia consecutively for those of you paying attention to NFL Odds.

The Juice Online: Tell us abut the Georgia Tech running game for Syracuse fans who are unfamiliar with GT’s unique style of offense.

MW: It’ll look strange from the beginning just from the formation. The base formation, the primary formation, has just one back in the backfield, a full back who’s in a three-point stance and his helmet will literally be two feet away from the quarterback’s butt. And then there will be two wideouts and typically a wing back on the line of scrimmage. Often, most plays in fact, one of those wing backs will go in motion right to left or left to right. They run the fullback up the middle a lot, they run the option with the full backs, sometimes they option with one of those wide backs, they call them A-backs, and the idea is that when the offense is working well, that eventually the defense sneaks that second safety forward and everyone’s coming forward on defense and coming forward and boom, and they’ll run play action and throw the deep ball. But they haven’t succeeded much with the deep ball this year.


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