Syracuse 54, Wagner 0 — What we learned

Syracuse's running game finally got going

Syracuse got its first win of the season, 54-0, over Wagner. This is what we learned from the game:

Terrel Hunt sealed his spot as a starter.

It just seemed like the offense ran more smoothly with Hunt at the helm. The offense was firing on all cylinders. The running game opened up, the deep ball was being thrown and the score reflected it. But did Hunt solidify his starting position? Allen just hasn’t been able to move the ball and it’s hard to ignore his six turnovers in the previous two games, but we need to remember that this was against Wagner. Would Hunt have stepped up against Penn State? It’s hard to say. But Hunt definitely turned some heads and I think we’ll see him as the starter from this point forward.

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Syracuse’s running game finally got going

Confidence is key.

Hey, it’s only Wagner. But it’s a win. And a win (especially by this much) will give this team exactly what it needs, confidence. It’s the team’s first win and it’s also coach Shafer’s first win as a head coach. But it was more than just a win, it was a pounding. And we haven’t seen recent Syracuse teams win games like this by a lot. Last season, SU struggled with Stony Brook. The year before that, Rhode Island gave the team a run. To see a win by this large of a margin should be a major positive for the confidence of this team.

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This backfield is deep.

I expected good seasons out of Jerome Smith and Prince-Tyson Gulley, but I didn’t expect all the talent this rushing unit possesses. Eight different players took carries this week. George Morris II had a better day than anyone, averaging over six yards a carry. With Hunt at QB, the running game is opened up by his ability to go deep, but also his ability to carry the ball. He only ran the ball three times, but picked up 22 yards in the process. With him as a mobile threat, defenses will be unbalanced. It’s a dynamic we didn’t see when Allen was in the game.

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