Kouwe: Carmelo Anthony and I had to switch cars at Syracuse

Kouwe and Carmelo had to switch cars

Andrew Kouwe co-hosted The Juice on the Cuse podcast last week and spoke about his experiences being back at the Carrier Dome on Feb. 23 to see Carmelo Anthony’s jersey be retired. Here’s some of the highlights on what he had to say:

The Juice Online: Talk about Carmelo Anthony’s popularity when you were both there.

Kouwe and Carmelo had to switch cars

Andrew Kouwe: I’ll tell you a funny story, after we won it, he had a car later in the second semester and it just got so crazy. Everyone knew what kind of car he had. They knew the color, on campus, even in the city. Toward the end of the year, we switched cars. I would drive his car; he would drive my car. His car had tinted windows. I’d be driving to Wegmans and I could see people following me. When I pulled up in the parking lot, and there were cars around me, and I then I get out, I could see the disappointment in the fan’s faces because they thought they were following Carmelo but they were following me.

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TJO: Who else from the 2002-03 was there?

AK: Josh Pace was able to make it. Matt Gorman, Craig Forth was there. We had a couple of other walk-ons, Josh Brooks and Gary Hall. I know Kueth (Duany) was trying to make it but unfortunately he was in Sudan and the timing. Same thing with Hakim. It was a weird situation with him being traded and he wasn’t sure if he was going to have to report to Orlando or be waived. We actually had another teammate, Jeremy McNeil, he was actually on a plane, was going to arrive at around 2 p.m. on that day, and apparently the plane loses cabin pressure. It has to make an emergency landing, and he hates to fly. So we were so excited, they told us on Friday he was coming, but it’s too bad that’s coming. Everything’s safe and good for him, but it would’ve been nice to see him at the game.

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TJO: Are you guys going to get the whole team back together soon?

AK: I think they’re talking about doing something for a home football game, or something later the summer, where everyone can clear time so we can get the whole team back and do something pretty cool. They’re thinking September before the season and before training camp for Melo and Hakim. It’s in talks and hopefully we can get the whole team together all at once.

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