Who Has the Best Odds to Win the 2023 Super Bowl?

Which team has the best odds of lifting the prestigious Super Bowl LVII (February 13) trophy at State Farm Stadium? Read on!

NFL season ends with the season’s high point; the betting dispute on Super Bowl LVII. Will Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs be able to win back the Vince Lombardi trophy they won in 2020, or is Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles take over from Nick Foles? Here’s our opinion on the NFL Super Bowl.

Which Team to Win the Super Bowl LVII: The Chiefs or The Eagles?

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles secured their spot in Super Bowl LVII after finishing the regular season as the best teams in the American Conference and the National Conference, respectively. However, despite a lot of opinions on which of the two will be crowned kings of NFL 2022/23, it is important to take a step back and analyze their gameplay during the season.

The Super Bowl LVII Team Winning Odds 

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs entered the postseason as the top favorite to win the title, the Philadelphia Eagles currently have a small margin in the predictions of the Super Bowl 2023. 

After hoisting one five years ago in Minneapolis, the Pennsylvania franchise aspires to win its second NFL championship. However, the team from Missouri is chasing their third title and has had a better career in recent years, having played their third Super Bowl in the last four seasons.

The Eagles’ advantage in Super Bowl NFL team betting is due to their overwhelming victories in the NFL playoffs. Nick Sirianni’s men amply beat the New York Giants (7-38) before beating the San Francisco 49ers in the Championship Sunday (31-7 ). 

Betting and predictions Super Bowl LVII: Kansas City Chiefs – Philadelphia Eagles 

The Kansas City Chiefs (@2.00) started as the main candidates to win Super Bowl LVII a few weeks ago. Therefore, they should be the favorites in the NFL forecasts for this game, having a differential quarterback and an offensive game plan that seems unstoppable. 

The Chiefs are all-time leaders in NFL offensive stats in the regular season, having completed 7,032 yards over the 17 games. Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s game plan is based primarily on passing. Notably, of the total yardage, 5,062 mostly involved passing, while only 1,970 have been through the running game.

Although the Eagles’ defense is prepared for anything and is one of the best in the league, they do have a weak point, the run defense. This could balance the odds much more against Mahomes, who might not start the game entirely fit if his ankle does not heal in two weeks. If the ankle gives him no issues, and the offensive line does as fruitful a job as in the duel against the Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs could be lifting this edition of the Super Bowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles (@1.84) emerged as NFC champions in the regular season after a year in which they have proven to be one of the most powerful teams. So much so that the Eagles have conceded the fewest yards compared to their rivals throughout the season – both in the playoffs and in the regular season. In addition, leading the statistics in passing yards, they only conceded an average of 96.0. yards per game in the playoffs. 

The Eagle’s quarterback, Jalen Hurts, has shown throughout the year that he has the stripes necessary to lead a champion team and can offer variants in the running and passing games. This can prove advantageous to the team and put them a step closer to emerging winners.

The Eagles are also responsible for stopping the winning streak of the Chiefs, who have won 12 of the last 13 games played. However, after the important victory against the Bengals, the Chiefs have very high morale to face a duel of this importance. Mahomes and Andy Reid know it’s not going to be easy taking on their opponent’s passing defense. So they’ll have to adjust their run game to prevent the Eagles from repeating 2017’s success.