5 NFL Teams You Can Bet on This Season

Currently, it’s the NFL offseason. Luckily, though, the preseason will be starting very shortly. Then, straight after that, the official league campaign will begin on September 9th, when the Rams face off against the Bills. Until then, you’ll have to sit back, relax, and wait to see what transactions take place, from player movements to free-agent signings. 

When the new NFL season does eventually start, you’ll more than likely want to place some bets on the games you watch. After all, betting has become a huge part of NFL culture – just ask the average fan that you see. Whenever you attend an NFL game now, it’s common to see fans with their smartphones out as they place strategic bets between switching their eyes to the on-field action. 

With that said, here are five NFL teams you can bet on this season: 

Los Angeles Rams

A few months ago, the LA Rams won the NFL Championship after coming out on top at the 2022 Super Bowl. Naturally, this means that all the focus will be on them in the upcoming season as fans wait and see whether they can continue their form from last season. 

Recently, the LA Rams have made some smart signings, such as quarterback John Wolford on a one-year contract. In addition to this, they’ve also re-signed C Brian Allen on a three-year deal, keeping him on the books until 2025. 

If you’re an LA Rams fan – or simply want to bet on them at some point next season – make sure to check out these NFL picks, which will help you choose smart bets to spend your money on.

New York Jets

The New York Jets are another team to look out for next season. Their young quarterback Zach Wilson is hungry for success and has even been compared to Tom Brady in recent times. 

After the conclusion of the 2022 Super Bowl, thousands of fans started to place their Super Bowl bets for 2022 (and are still doing it now). Incredibly, on January 31st, one fan bet $5,000 that the Jets would win the Super Bowl next year (at the time, the odds were 200-1, meaning he would win $100,000,000 in return. 

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have a reasonably large following in the NFL, primarily because their games are known for being fast-paced and entertaining. If you find yourself spectating one of their games next season, don’t be scared to place any bets you think will come through!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Just a couple of months ago, Tom Brady made the shock announcement that he was coming out of retirement. This revelation came as such a surprise that Twitter exploded over the following 24 hours. 

When Brady announced his return to the NFL, he made it clear he was re-joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the hopes of repeating their Super Bowl win of 2021. 

One thing is certain: all eyes will be on Tom Brady and the Buccaneers this September. 

New York Giants

Finally, you can bet on the New York Giants. Over recent years, the NY Giants haven’t had as much success compared to previous decades (2012 was the last time they won the NFL Championship). 

However, after acquiring some new free agents for next season, they’re in with a shot at making it to the very end.