What is the current state of New York sports betting legislature?

Sports plays a huge role in US society and are an activity people all over the country love to get involved with. This is especially true in the city of Syracuse, where teams like the Syracuse Mets and the Syracuse Stallions have a loyal following. 

As well as watching sports, some people in Syracuse also like to bet on games. When you see the extra excitement and fun this bring to watching matches, this is easy to understand. New York state though has not been a haven for sports bettors in the past and it was not possible to legally bet on sports in the state previously. 

With the 2018 US Supreme Court ruling enabling individual states to allow betting, people around Syracuse might be wondering what the current status of New York’s sports betting legislation is. But how does everything stand at present? 

Sports betting in New York 

The simple facts are that sports betting is now totally legal in the state of New York. This means that anyone around Syracuse can now bet on sports such as the NFL, NBA and NHL. If you plan to do this, just remember to choose from the best NY sportsbooks and apps when placing wagers online

Doing this will ensure you bet at a fair site which uses the latest security features to protect your details and offers the best bonuses. It will also mean you use the most awesome mobile betting apps which offer a smooth, enjoyable experience when gambling on the move. 

Although sports betting in New York is legal now, it has taken a long time to arrive and not always been something easy to arrange. So, what is the history of sports betting in the state? 

History of sports betting legislature in New York

From keeping an eye on Syracuse in the NBA to following how local teams fare, those around the city are sports-crazy. Pre-2018 though, sports betting in New York faced the same issues as sports betting in most other states. This meant it was not allowed due to a federal ruling based on the PASPA Act. The US Supreme Court’s historic ruling though struck down the PASPA Act and left people in NY excited to see if their state would act quickly to legislate sports betting.

Sadly, this did not happen as quickly as many hoped! While states such as New Jersey opened up to betting on sports, New York took a more cautious approach. It took a few years for state officials to adopt a positive view on legalizing the market in NY and it was not until November 2021 that the New York State Gaming Commission announced details of which operators could legally operate in state borders. 

This eventually allowed the New York sports betting market to open up at the start of 2022, just in time for Superbowl LVI betting. Anyone in Syracuse who bet on the Rams to win and saw the eventual Superbowl LVI result would surely have been pleased with this! 

What could sports betting bring to New York? 

The changing political stance on this market in New York shows that there are obviously certain benefits which are expected, now that it has been made legal. The major one which could provide huge benefits to NY residents is the revenue it could bring into state funds. January 2022 for example had a sports betting handle figure of $1.6bn for the state! These kinds of figures show the amount of extra money that sports betting could bring to New York and the spare funds it should provide to improve the lives of people here. 

Of course, you also have to factor in the extra jobs and employment which this newly regulated sector could bring. This will have an additional positive impact around New York state, as people will spend their wages in local shops, hotels, restaurants and bars. Legal sports betting also simply enables NY residents to inject more fun into sports and have another cool way to stay entertained in their spare time. It also means they have parity with people in other states who can legally bet on sports already. 

Legal sports betting is in New York 

Although it might have taken a little longer than those in Syracuse might have liked, legal sports betting has now arrived in New York in 2022. If you like to bet, this is great news and means you can get even closer to your favorite sports by wagering on them.