What is the key to successful sports betting?

There is no shortcut to success in any field including sports betting. Still, if you follow the game religiously, know betting strategies and follow football tipster advice, the path to success becomes easier in sports betting.

Who doesn’t want to be successful in sports betting? It is one of the most lucrative ways that can make any punter millionaire if the approach is right. The betting in sports is an age old premise of entertainment. This industry is now a billion dollar plus industry that tells that there is a lot of scope of earning from sports bets. Hence, it is advisable to know all tips and tricks that can increase chances of earning from sports betting. Here are a few tried and tested by sports betting experts.

Develop knowledge of lingo first

If you want to be an expert, you got to take baby steps in the right direction. So, as a beginner in sports betting looking for a proven key to success, you need to work on the betting lingo. Be exceptionally fluent with terms like odds, underdog, favorite, moneyline, etc. It helps assure that you have understood the offering well and that you are putting money on the correct odd.

Learn to read odds

Not all teams are at the same level of expertise. Some teams have the potential to knock out all other opponents. Hence, when such teams meet on the turf, these are called one-sided matches and the odds usually are low for these. The ability to read odds helps understand the chances of winning. A few important things worth knowing are:

  1. In an odd, hypothetically say, Manchester Utd vs. Tottenham Spur, the first team is home team and the second team is visiting team. 
  2. In a 1×2 bet, the 1 is home team win, X means draw and 2 means away team win.

These are a few basic facts to know about the sport betting odds. 

Learn about low risk betting strategies

As mentioned earlier, one-sided matches have low odds. It is one of the ways to identify low risk bet. Strategies that help in spreading the risk involved in sports betting are:

  1. Bet on Under/Over: Under/Over bet is where a bettor guesses where the final score on the board will be over or under a chosen figure or not. For example, when the bet says Over/Under 2, the bettor may pick over to or under 2 as the prediction to stake money on. It can be found out how the teams tend to play against one another. Also, if the possession skills of the teams are talk of the town, the match may be a low-scoring one. 
  2. 1×2 Fixed odds: Since the odds are always fixed and don’t change, this bet does not require much monitoring. 1X2 fixed odds is explained as 1 – home team win, X- draw and 2 – away team win. Thus, the draw also allows punters to make money, hence lowers the risk.
  3. Divide budget on various bets: Investing whole of the betting budget on single bet can hit back badly. It is advisable to choose a number of bets and divide money. Thus, there will be better chances of making money from different bets.
  4. Use multiple betting sites: Betting exchanges put authentic betting sites for staking money at one place. It allows punters to understand how odds are placed in various sites. They can choose to place or lay a bet on different sites. Thus, they are always making money irrespective of how match ends in the field.
  5. Learn Asian Handicap: Asian Handicap means a handicap of +1 (just an example) will be granted to weak team and -1 to strong team. Hence, one has to keep this handicap in mind while choosing the side for Over/Under Asian Handicap. For example, if the correct score is chosen as -3 in case of strong team, then this team has to score more than 4 goals at least to emerge winner from punters’ perspective.

Know about all pitfalls

It is actually the bankroll management where the key to successful sports betting lies. The bettors give into addiction of staking money on sports bets. It can make anybody bankrupt if the upper limit of spending is not decided. Hence, judicious spending is a thing to learn.

You must understand that you are betting against the bookmaker if you choose to defy the odd. Hence, you may make bad decision if you follow the habit of defying odds majority of times. Defying the odd comes with very alluring price. Hence, it is a big pitfall worth watching for. 

Having said that, it is always necessary to know the trends in all the betting sites. If there is a betting site that prices an odd which stands out like a sore thumb, it may be an error on the site’s part too. It is the situation where you can take chances.

Spending double the amount lost is considered a strategy to make for the loss made. But, that also needs a thorough knowledge of the sport and trends. It should not be made into practice, as the losses made may not be recoverable at all.

Work with a tipster

A tipster service may help in doing research work. They suggest correct odds, and also tell the betting sites that offer those odds. Thus, buying tips may help in finding an expert opinion needed to confirm your hunch. Look for the best soccer tipsters who claim to have expertise in particular types of bets and when you go for those bets, you may take the opinion of those masters. It helps reduce risk considerably.

While choosing the tipster, look for the tips’ frequency, winning rate, three-month yield, etc. All these figures help you understand how reliable the tipster is.


Awareness, judicious spending, discipline and dedication to sports are the factors that collectively make proven key to successful sports betting. Keep all the pointers mentioned above in mind while betting and ensure that you are not overdoing anything. Betting is for fun at the end of the day; so always have failures in positive stride and know when to quit or make a comeback.