How Medical Marijuana Impacts Athletic Performance

Have you ever wondered why marijuana was a banned substance at professional sporting games or events? Do you want to know how medical marijuana can impact an athlete’s performance when consumed for medicinal purposes?

Marijuana is a drug that has been around for centuries, and its use is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. While marijuana is often used for recreational purposes, some believe that it has medicinal benefits as well. People use it in all kinds of ways with many different devices. According to Daily High Club, bongs have been and remain one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, and you can discover all about them here. In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of research on the effects of marijuana on athletic performance. This research has yielded mixed results, with some studies showing that marijuana can harm athletes, while others indicating that it may have some positive effects. So, what does the current research say about the impact of marijuana on athletic performance? And what implications does this have for athletes? 

What is medical marijuana and how does it work

Many people, when talking about marijuana, will refer to it as either recreational marijuana or medicinal marijuana. This implies that the two are completely separate from each other and do not do the same thing. However, while this is what might come across, this is not the case. Medicinal and recreational marijuana are the same, and the difference only comes in with the legality of the products. 

Medicinal marijuana is legal in many more places around the world than recreational marijuana and this is because it is used purely for medicinal purposes and requires a prescription to obtain. However, it is still the same product and will still give the same effects whether it is used medicinally or recreationally. 

However, medicinal marijuana requires a prescription, and you need to have some or other kind of condition to obtain this prescription. Marijuana is used for many different medicinal purposes, but some of the most common uses are to help manage and reduce pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety and manage depression, and even help to manage the symptoms of epilepsy and cancer. 

To get a prescription you need to get a written recommendation from a licensed doctor in the city that you are living in. depending on the laws surrounding cannabis, if you cannot get a prescription, you will unlikely be able to obtain the cannabis legally. However, if cannabis is legal where you live, it will be far easier. 

How does marijuana impact athletic performance?

These days, many athletes have openly admitted to consuming cannabis for a multitude of reasons, and most of them are to benefit them in their performance. However, it is important to note that it is not a performance-enhancing drug and will not enhance your performance, but rather make your work to the best of your ability. 

Many athletes make use of cannabis after their training in particular as a method of recovery. This is because cannabis has proven to be incredibly helpful when it comes to reducing pain and inflammation which is something that most athletes will experience. 

There are negative side effects that come with consuming cannabis, especially if you consume too much and these include nausea, drowsiness, and even reduced cognitive function when you are high. Many people believe that cannabis should not be banned in sport because it is not performance-enhancing   but rather just like taking a workout supplement or a pain medication. 

What are the current policies around marijuana and sport?

Today there are many controversies about whether or not cannabis should be legalized in sport, but what are the rules and current policies? As it stands when it comes to cannabis consumption, the World Anti-Doping association or WADA has prohibited the use of cannabis in competition only. 

This means that outside of competition and during training, the consumption of cannabis is fully legal. You just cannot consume cannabis during the season of competition or when you are competing. For some athletes, this is not an issue at all, and they do not mind whether or not they can consume marijuana, however, others rely heavily on their medical benefits including pain relived and reduction of inflammation especially.