Project Cost Management Techniques for Large iGaming Plans

Are you planning on undertaking a big project for your iGaming business? Hold off on proceeding with massive projects until you’ve got a good grasp on your project costs. Diving right in without getting a lay of the budget and knowing how to manage it right can spell disaster for any iGaming business.

Below are some tips and strategies on cost management for big iGaming projects. Our resident business expert, Daniel Bennet, is the author of the article. If you’re curious about her other works, visit his page here.

1. Remove Unneeded Costs

Large online gaming and iGaming projects can take a lot of time, money, and effort. These costs can build up over time if you don’t manage the project well. One way to cut them down is to reduce your costs.

Find ways to streamline the processes needed for the project. Simplify the process by maximizing workflow and efficiency. Use the tools available to you or find a way to access them to speed up the workflow without rushing it.

For example, let’s say you’re upgrading your site content to gain an edge against the other online casinos in Canada. This project involves revamping entire web pages to fit the new motif. Instead of designing the first webpage from scratch, use a template and customize it instead.

2. Be Realistic With Your Online Gaming Business Budget

Next, know the limits of your budget and make your plans around those limits. Most online casino owners know this, but they forget to follow it once they’re at this stage. As the wise Dave Ramsey says, you tell your money where to go in a budget, so you don’t need to wonder where it went.

Let’s say you’re an online casino owner and want to have the best online casino Canada has. To get there, you’d have to commit to a big iGaming project first, but don’t underestimate the costs. You also want to avoid overestimating the costs since this is also harmful to your finances.

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3. Hire iGaming Experts for the Project

Don’t take on all the responsibilities of handling the project costs yourself. Instead, dole it out to someone who can manage it better. Hire an impartial third party who knows how the iGaming industry works and how you can reduce project costs.

If you don’t want anybody else to handle the funding, consider hiring a cost management consultant instead. He can help you understand the nuances of handling considerable project funding. You’d also learn how to handle funding better from a cost management consultant than watching online guides.

4. Find the Most Relevant KPIs

Undertaking and launching a massive iGaming project isn’t enough to create success. Before you get there, you need to know at which point you’ll say you’ve succeeded or failed. This is where KPIs or key performance indicators come in.

KPIs are what you’ll use to measure the success of your scheme. All the KPIs are unique, each fit for particular projects and companies. Some common KPIs in project cost management include the:

  •       Actual cost
  •       Cost variance
  •       Earned value
  •       Planned value
  •       Return on investment (ROI)

5. Manage Your Contingency Plans

Finally, recognize the current circumstances you’re dealing with. Figure out if it’s time to make changes to the plan or if you can still proceed as intended. Make sure you’re looking at the situation realistically and are familiar with all possible outcomes before making decisions.

An excellent example is the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Including online casinos in Canada, thousands of European businesses had to close down because of the pandemic. Many of these businesses had to recuperate by going online.

6. Identify What You Need to Change

Speaking of change, sometimes, the projects we undertake get delayed or changed. In these moments, it’s essential that you also learn how to adapt. Determine which practices you need to do differently and what you need to continue.

For example, let’s say the people you’ve got on the project are ineffective, despite the considerations you’ve given them. Instead of keeping them on the team, let them go. Look for someone who can handle the workload and schedule better.


Learn to be bold and take risks with large-scale projects for your online casino company. Use the budget management techniques we mentioned above to improve your online casino business. The next time you’re given a big project, you know what to do.