Horse Racing in India – Tips for Indian Bettors

Horse racing is one of the biggest events in India. Thousands, if not millions of people in India, participate in horse racing events. Fortunately, Indian bettors can now participate in horse racing events through online sports betting sites. Such sports betting sites operate internationally. 

If you are looking for tips from India casino info about horse racing, you have come to the right place. We provide information about sports betting and online casino gaming tips. Horse racing bettors can significantly benefit from the information provided by India Casino Info. Below are some of the notable horse racing tips for bettors in India:

  • There are different bet kinds, and it is a must to know them all and learn how to use them to your advantage. 
  • It will be an advantage on your part if you are going to expand the number of runs to bet on.
  • It is a must to familiarize yourself with certain betting terms, including their meaning. A perfect example is odds, which pertain to the returns you can expect if the horse you place your bet on won. 
  • In horse betting, horses are grouped according to colour-coded tiers, which can be seen at the background colour for every horse’s program number. Depending on the tier, the horses are arranged from best to worst. For a single-race bet, the practical choice would be the horses in the first tier. For multi-leg bets, the horses in the top tier is the best choice. 
  • It is important to be choosy when selecting the races to bet. Do not bet on every possible race, as doing so is a recipe for disaster. It will be an advantage on your part if you look for races with small top tiers.
  • Set enough budget for horse betting; an ample amount of money to use once you find a race you like. The advantage of having enough budget for horse betting is you have extra money for exotic bets. However, if you don’t have an adequate budget, your best strategy is to stick to simple bets. 
  • Another important thing to remember when betting in a horse racing event is the horse category. It can either be the main track horse or turf horse. The type of breeding has a lot to do with the dog’s performance on the race track. A horse could look bad on the dirt but could perform better on the turf. You can gauge if the horse performs well on the turf if it performs well on a wet dirt track. 
  • Check the track’s condition. The condition of the track is an important thing in determining the outcome of the horse racing event. Some horses perform well on a dry track, while others are good on a wet track. In European turf courses, the track is soft, and so you can expect European horses to not perform well on firm courses. 
  • Know the condition of the horses by monitoring significant drop-in classes. Do not bet on horses that significantly dropped from their class as such are a threat. 
  • One particular mistake that many racing enthusiasts do is betting on a particular jockey. Although jockey offers advantages such as having a high winning percentage, it can also get the best mounts. The point here is jockeys don’t make the horse run better than the innate ability of the horses. There’s a high possibility that the jockey can give the horse a bad ride, which can greatly affect the horse’s overall performance. You’ll be able to know if the horse performs well by referring to the horse’s past performance matrix. 

Horse racing is a big event in India, and if you wish to participate in sports betting events in the country, feel free to follow the tips and strategies mentioned above.