As the future of NIL football takes centre stage on Capitol Hill and even barbershop discussions, we look at the impact of the proposed 12-team Playoff and how it could affect teams like Syracuse that have been on the fringe of mainstream college gridiron for years. It will be quite a sight to have a sweeping change that creates a more level playing field )or at least tries to) for teams. The Orange get ready for the new season, opening against the Virginia Tech Hokies in less than three months. As the excitement builds, adding some spice with the BetMGM Michigan bonus code could be a great way to get the season going.

As you have certainly heard by now, it looks like the College Football Playoff is serious about considering a 12-team pitch in the near future. Some may think that there are too many teams, while others may think that it is not enough to keep the whole sport involved.

More access to the playoffs and the publicity and interest that come with it

The 12-team expansion fixes a world of issues for Syracuse and countless others, starting with publicity.

Rather than putting two teams in a league game using computer rankings, it played out on the pitch. The setup was an improvement and granted more access to more teams. Year in and year out, the teams that are heavily mediatised get better and better, and those that are left out do not. ESPN’s cycle of hype around the event essentially turns the last four weeks of the regular season into an advertisement for these teams, leaving the others to slip into irrelevancy.


Having 12 teams in the Playoff also means a higher chance of getting two or more schools from the conference making it through the six bids.

Easier for «lower» peer-to-peer programs and/or conferences to pass SU

The 12-team setup doesn’t remove all of those obstacles, but it does make it a little easier to do in less time. Currently, Syracuse has the edge over some of its peers because they’re all in the same boat as the non-Playoffs. Wider access to this field makes it easier to narrow the list of non-participants and for example Wake Forest, Kansas State, Maryland, Iowa State, etc., in the perception of those employed if they have not yet. That’s not good in terms of Playoff performance, and it leaves no room for Clemson to give up if that eventually happens.

The other bowls don’t matter anymore

On the one hand, more access means that the end of the season counts for more teams. But what about the 118 schools that don’t make the Playoffs? Even bowl teams in this group will have a hard time selling a long streak of playoff trips if none of them include a playoff offer.

Player rights

If that is implemented, that’s another three or four team games, plus more money for TV rights. It’s A LOT to ask players in general, both in terms of total number of games – we’re looking at a 17-game season, potentially – and time of year, with players invited to travel during the holidays and finals.