Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Oil for Dogs

Several human medications have been proven to help canines overcome or manage one health condition or the other.

An example is gabapentin. This anti-seizure drug with significant pain-killing properties is a prescription drug for treating some physical health conditions in canines. For more examples of such prescription drugs, you can read this.

The major problem is that many of these drugs designed for humans have tons of side effects. Although they treat what they are meant for, they adversely affect our dogs. This is especially if the doses used are excessive.

Additionally, some of these medications require that certain ingredients are removed. For instance, any gabapentin product that has xylitol is a terrible option for your dog. This ingredient can cause severe complications to your dog’s digestive tract and even lead to death.

The point is that human drugs that can be used by dogs have to be properly examined for possible problems. On that note, we will discuss whether dog parents that want to administer CBD oil to their dog should have any cause for concern. We will do this by answering some important questions.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a chemical by-product of the cannabis plant. It is extracted from the various parts of industrial hemp rather than marijuana.

The oil is extracted from especially the flowers that contain a massive amount of the cannabidiol chemical. The extraction process is very crucial as it determines the quality and even safety of the CBD oil eventually.

Should Dog Parents Be Worried About Intoxication With CBD Oil?

With this drug, dog parents do not have to get worried over the possibility of their pets experiencing psychoactive feelings. This is because cannabidiol is one of the few cannabis-derived therapeutic compounds that are not psychoactive.

For more on this subject, you can visit:

However, the possibility of experiencing highness may exist if you get the wrong product. The reason is that some of these drugs have more than the legitimate amount of THC allowed.

You are to insist on buying a product that is tested and approved by a credible third-party laboratory to avoid such. This is because the lab test will reveal the accurate measure of the ingredients among other things. This will help them determine if the canine CBD oil is safe for your dog.

Can You Use CBD Oil Made For Humans for Dogs?

Using cannabidiol products formulated for humans on dogs is not ideal. This is even if there are no side effects attached. The reason is that such products will not offer canines the best in terms of treatment.

You should understand that humans and dogs have several differences in their anatomy and this plays a major role in the manufacture of drugs formulated for them. So, you should not use cannabidiol products formulated for humans for your dog.

Additionally, some ingredients used in the production of cannabidiol drugs for humans may be toxic to canines. As a matter of fact, we have discovered that some cannabidiol manufacturers use xylitol to sweeten the taste of CBD oil.

Unfortunately, some of such manufacturers are not truthful enough to admit this. They will rather say “no inorganic product” was used during production. So, just stick to using a product that is specially formulated for your dog.

How do You Choose CBD Oil Specially Made For Dogs?

Though CBD oil products have been proven to help dogs, you should pay attention to the following things when choosing one for your pet:

Good Reviews

Some dubious manufacturers are fond of making promises that their products cannot deliver on. So, you should not be deceived by their advertisement and massive publicity.

This is why we recommend that you checkout credible review sites. The experience of other pet parents that have tried out the drug will help you make the right choice.

Buy from the Right Dealer or Platform

Even a good canine formulated CBD product can be bad if it is coming from the wrong source. This is why you should be particular about getting the product from the right source.

For starters, you should avoid buying this drug from e-commerce sites. These platforms are definitely not the best place to get CBD oil and other cannabidiol products. You should rather buy from the manufacturer’s site.

Ensure that the warehousing conditions are perfect if you are getting the product from a CBD wholesale distributor.

Be Particular About Where the Product is Manufactured

Although they are considered experimental drugs, it is still better to purchase a CBD product manufactured in a well-regulated location.

For instance, the FDA tries to ensure that Cannabidiol farmers avoid the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals when farming. They do this by taking soil samples from time to time.

As a result, it is highly unlikely that US-manufactured cannabidiol drugs will be products of industrial hemp that was bred with pesticides and other toxic chemicals. The same cannot be said for many other places.

So, make sure the product you purchase is manufactured in a highly regulated location like the United States.

Consult Your Veterinarian for Recommendations

The truth is that CBD oil has not been clinically approved by the FDA for the treatment of health complications in canines.

However, many veterinarians have witnessed how it can help dogs and other pets firsthand. For this reason, a good number of them do not hesitate to recommend certain products.

We suggest that you talk to your vet about the possibility of administering CBD oil to your dog. This is because s/he is in the best position to know if it is a good idea. If it is, your vet can also recommend safe and effective products.


We have given answers to some of the questions asked by pet parents who are confused about administering CBD oil to their dogs. We hope that the answers help clear your doubts, correct misconceptions, and enable you to purchase the right CBD oil for your dog (when needed).