Get these fitness apps for your smartphone in 2021 

Whether you’re an aspiring basketball player or you’re simply keen to maintain your health and fitness, there are an array of popular apps people use to stay fit and healthy. Some apps offer exercise tips, while others might give nutrition and dietary advice. 

The options are comprehensive these days as people in Syracuse and all around the world turn to a vast selection of apps suitable for everyday life. The health and fitness industry is a facet of society that has branched out into the world of apps also, with people gaining beneficial advice at the touch of a button.

The smartphones of today provide an array of functionalities, therefore, making it relatively easy for people to stay on top of their fitness and exercise routines. A snazzy app might appeal to people interested in sports betting, alongside others who use a smartphone to catch Pokemon while on the bus to work, but using a smartphone to attain a healthy lifestyle is also now a common trend. In fact, fitness apps are incredibly popular in 2021. 

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best fitness apps for your smartphone at the moment. 

My Fitness Pal

One of the biggest and best apps right now, My Fitness Pal has you covered with almost everything. The app logs exercise stats, records your calorie intake, and helps you meet your personal health goals. You can also access over 350 cardio and strength sessions, and even gain help and advice on your diet. My Fitness Pal has a huge food database offering plenty of information you need to make sure you’re putting the good stuff into your body, too. 

Nike Run Club

One of the biggest brands in the world, Nike has also decided to join the app revolution with a slick creation of its own. The Nike Run Club app tracks a variety of useful data from any runs you smash. The app assesses pace, distance, and time, alongside a few other excellent pieces of information any runner would want to know about. Various Nike coaches and elite athletes can be accessed via an array of audio-guided runs, too. You can also enjoy mindfulness-focused sessions, create training plans, and set any targets you want to smash through. 


Ideal for audio learners, Aaptiv delivers motivational workouts straight to your ears. You can select and download the workout that appeals to you, with anything from boxing to yoga being catered for. You can then choose the soundtrack you want to exercise along to, the length of time you want to carry out your routine, alongside having the option of accessing a variety of workout programs also. 


Particularly popular within the running and cycling communities, Strava records all of your training sessions. The likes of your pace, speed, distance, routes and a whole lot more are covered in this well designed and easy to use app. Strava gives users the ability to join a like-minded community also, connecting people who download the app to other runners and cyclists. You can share workouts with people, for example. Free to use on both iOs and Android, Strava is an excellent app. 

Charity Miles 

Keen to get fit while also helping others? Then download Charity Miles. The further you run, or the more you walk, the bigger the earnings will be for your chosen charity. With over 40 charities to choose from, you could easily add to the $2.5 million the app has already raised for great causes.