Tampa Bay winning the season meant that somewhere out there in Seattle, a certain Seahawks teams did not, and Aaron Rodgers winning MVP, meant out there in Seattle and on that Seahawks team, a certain Russell Wilson did not. That is a far cry from the outlook at the beginning of the season or even at the midway point when Russell was looking and playing like the clear cut favorite for MVP and was leading the Seahawks to what looked like at least an appearance in the SuperBowl. Fast forward to the end of the season and the Seahawks were disappointing in the postseason, Russell gave his all, but teams had figured the Seahawks out and the best he could come up with was a Man of the Year award and an early vacation. While most of the postseason chatter has been around names like JJ Watts, DeShaun Watson, Dak Prescott, and everything Texas, as player empowerment comes a big thing in the league, it is Wilson’s name that is making a late push into the offseason drama that is bittersweet entertainment for fans and a nightmare for front offices and franchises. If Seattle somehow manages to lose Wilson, fans will have to jump ship and cling to their bet365 bonus codes a little bit more with less certainty in their ability to get into another postseason.

Russell Wilson has been a class act throughout his career and is also in his prime, winning is, however, a competitor’s ultimate goal, and right now the Seahawks do not seem to have a formula that gives him the best chance to do so. Earlier in the month, reports came out in which it was said Wilson had expressed his desire to have more of a key role in decisions regarding the team, something which admittedly, every superstar sooner or later gets either in the normal flow of front office respect or by demanding it using superstar leverage. Russ feels like he has to be more involved for the team to win, but that is something the Seahawks have not been willing to give, and the origin of all the speculation that started earlier this week about a possible move out of Seattle. In an era of player power, Wilson has some leverage in deciding what his next move will be and an unhappy franchise player under contract is never a good thing for teams, which means he could actually get a move on if he pushes the matter. 

However, reports out of the grapevine, say that the man himself has no intention of leaving the Seattle, but has told the Seahawks that if ever that was to be the case, then he would be considering the Chicago bears, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints, and the all mighty Dallas Cowboys. Out of all four, only the Cowboys seem to have the best possible package and environment for Russell to thrive in, but the call is Seattle’s t make if only they would give Wilson what he demands.