Are the Microsoft MS-101 Exam and Enterprise Administrator Expert Certification for You?


If you’re a seasoned professional, you must have learned the importance of receiving more information before pursuing any goal. Whether it is a course you’d like to take or a qualification you are aiming to get, finding more details is the first step. This post ensures that you understand what is involved in the VCE Files , discloses its main details, and provides some reasons to take it. Let’s explore these points one by one.

Is the Microsoft MS-101 Exam for You?

For anything you set out to do, you have to clearly state your expectations and identify if your goal is going to be met through the route you intend to take. So, is MS-101 test along with its Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert badge for you? Read on to make your decision!

  • Who does the certification target?

The mentioned credential Author: Fletcher E who wish to be employed in positions related to enterprise administration. These candidates have to be knowledgeable in workloads for Microsoft 365 and should have been administering any of them. These include SharePoint, Exchange, Windows as a Service, and Skype for Business. In addition, your working knowledge should cut across areas like networking, IT basics like PowerShell, Active Directory, DNS, and server administration. 

  • Does it improve your skills?

Of course, training for your badge involves lots of learning during which you strengthen the abilities you have and acquire new knowledge. When preparing for the Microsoft MS-101 assessment, you’ll also be required to master some skills. Thus, once passed the exam, you’ll be proficient in technical aspects like modern services for devices, managing security and threats for Author: Makai F , and will know how to govern and comply with Microsoft 365.

  • Is it affordable?

One more thing to consider before you sign up for Author: Nelson G is the cost. You should find out if it is something you can afford immediately or you might need some time to get the sum. Notice that although the exam fee is $165, if you want to earn the certification, you also have to pass MS-100 test first. However, compared to what you get out of your investment, this is something that you can part with comfortably. Of course, you should make sure to prepare well for both assessments to feel that your time and money were worth it!

  • Does it lead to better opportunities?

Companies look for qualified Enterprise Administrators all the time, so you’ll enjoy greater opportunities through employment and promotions. Better yet, the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator badge will ensure a good payment package comes your way! reveals average annual salaries for Author: Hamza H associated with this certification. For IT managers, the pay is $85k. Those who work as systems administrators earn $74k, while senior systems engineers have about $102k. Overall, the average income of individuals with Enterprise Administrator skills is $88k per year. 


Author: Lance I and getting the Microsoft Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification is the right thing to do. If you wish to gain modern skills and be competitive enough for the available chances of employment, then you need it. Start preparing your mind for this big milestone in your life. It is going to make a colossal difference in your career!