How to Improve Your Lacrosse Skills

What’s not to enjoy when playing lacrosse? Whether you play professionally or simply for fun, it takes time to perfect the skills that make you a good player. To be constantly good means to hone skills through regular practice and a relentless pursuit to improve.

A lacrosse player needs to build a solid foundation in these four fundamentals: throwing, catching, cradling, and scooping. It is an absolute must to practice continuously to enhance all four skills.

How do I improve my lacrosse skills?

Even star players like Tom Schreiber or Lyle Thompson never stop finding ways to improve their skills. If your objective is to be like them then so should you! Being a good lacrosse player takes time, extreme patience, and unwavering determination. Athletes never have it easy! Have the right attitude and discipline and use the following tips to enhance your skills.

  1. Build up your strength

The first thing an athlete need is a sharp mind and body. Because it is a contact sport, you need to strengthen your core muscles regularly. You should also include cardiovascular exercises to your workout routine. There are lacrosse exercises you can do at home to stay in shape.

A simple home workout routine: Do five planks, rest for 30 seconds, ten sit-ups, 20 abdominal twists, rest. Repeat three times. You can include jumping rope to the routine. It not only gives you good cardio but also builds up your forearms and other muscles. Lunges and squats and squats are a must to strengthen your leg muscles. Adjust the routine as needed and be consistent with your training.

Drink more water and eat healthy food after each workout session. Limit sweets, have a sufficient supply of protein, and get a lot of good carbs.

Do not forget to get enough sleep to allow your body to recover from hard training.

  1. Improve your speed and agility

Speed is a necessary skill for lacrosse players. Faster is better but it is not enough to be just fast. You also need to be agile. In playing lacrosse, you need to have the ability to move quickly in different directions while maintaining proper posture.

A simple exercise to improve your agility is stretching. This will also help you avoid sports-related injuries.

Long runs, hill sprints, and ladder exercises are great for conditioning and improving your footwork. Make sure to add these speed drills to your regular training.

  1. Hit the wall every day

Doing wall ball drills is a great way to improve your lacrosse skills. Throw the ball to the wall 50 times using your right hand, then do the same for your left hand. Increase the number of throws as you improve daily. You can start with one hour of daily wall ball drills, or you can repeat up to 5 repetitions per day, depending on your determination to get better.

While practicing on the wall is an excellent way to improve your throwing and catching skills, practice becomes better with a lacrosse rebounder. You can simulate playing against opponents from different directions by adjusting your rebounder to different angles and positions. It is a great tool for solo training.

  1. Watch lacrosse games

Watch a full lacrosse game and learn from how others play. Choose and observe a particular player. Watch their maneuvers. Take note of the specific moves you like, or how they hold the stick. Break down segments that you want to study and play that part again. Absorb as much knowledge as you can.

  1. Review your past games

Watch a recording of your past games to recognize strong and weak spots. Learn from your mistakes. The same way you learn by watching how others play, break down segments from your own game. This will help you visualize better and acquire excellent moves.

Increase your lacrosse IQ: consistency is the Key

For most team sports like lacrosse, mind, and body coordination is a crucial skill. Keep practicing to strengthen your body and sharpen your mind. Athleticism is a must if you are serious about playing this game. Practice lacrosse exercises regularly, and you will see your game improve. Give these drills a try and let us know in the comments below how it worked out for you!