3 Ways Technology Has Made Sports Better for Everyone

The radio, the internet, televisions, smartphones, tablets, instant replay booths; all of them have had a pretty significant effect on how sports matches are conducted and how it is presented in front of its viewers. When you look at the grand scheme of things, these are just a trickle in the stream of innovation that is yet to come. Every year, new and improved technology is being used to make sports a better experience for everyone. In this article, I am going to highlight three ways technology has already impacted sports and made it better for people who take part in it and for people who love to watch it. 

Improved Playing Conditions

Remember the times when athletes used to play on mediocre fields where either they ended up hurting themselves or weren’t able to exhibit their skills to the fullest. Now, the ground crews have better experts in their work and have become much better in maintaining flawless fields. The ground staff has better equipment at their disposal to make the fields look like a literal carpet where athletes can exhibit their skills to the fullest. Moreover, we have built better stadiums so that in case of rain, games can still be carried on. The 2008 Beijing Olympics marked another crazy technological advancement where China aimed to control the weather by breaking up the clouds that appeared to have rain in them. These things have made sports better for everyone involved, especially the athletes. 

Better Viewing Experience 

Sports is nothing without its viewers as they are the heart and soul of every game. There are many things in today’s sports that we take for granted. That little stripe on the bottom of a telecasted cricket match, the match score during football and baseball matches, etc. weren’t there from the start. I can argue that these small changes have significantly improved the viewing experience for everyone. Moreover, with the advent of the internet, you can watch the live score of your favorite matches on websites like http://www.sdhoc.com/nowgoal

Made the Game Fair

This is a debatable topic as most people say that technology has taken the true essence out of sports. However, from a general point of view, technology has definitely made sports matches fairer than they used to be. The referees and umpires have technology at their side to assist them when making decisions. As a single wrong decision can turn the outcome of a game, technology has been pretty useful in this area. Technology is also being used to eliminate cheating factors by conducting rigorous testing protocols. Officials keep a keen eye on every athlete to ensure that they aren’t engaged in anything that might compromise the integrity of the whole match. Another important thing that has been achieved with the help of technology is to counteract certain conditions like humidity in the sports stadiums. Technology has played and continues to play a pivotal part in making sure that both teams have a fair chance of winning the game.