NFL 2020 Sports Betting: Who Are The Top Players In Offensive Lineup?

The infamous National Football League Player Selection Meeting is about to commence any day from now. But as the day approaches, more and more speculations have been thrown by many football insiders and sports experts about who’s going to make it to the draft day. 

You can already see in various mock NFL draft betting showing some of the experts’ favorites and their personal insights about their key players. So right before the draft day, let us take some time to preview who are the top players in each position and what made these players earn their respective spots in the NFL draft 2020. 

The Quarterback

Playing from his sophomore to junior years, Joe Burrow of Louisiana State University has topped the quarterback rankings from all sorts of mockup draft rankings by different sports experts and analytic sites. 

It has been cited that Burrow just does everything at an elite level. During his final college playing season, Burrow leads LSU to win the 2020 National Championship Game, which has been deemed the greatest game for a college quarterback of the season. 

Burrow is purely exceptional, acing all top qualities a good and robust quarterback should be. Burrow’s ability to process is unparalleled in his class. Additionally, the tough part in decision-making is Burrow’s ace quality, making sure to throw the ball at the right accuracy and direction, which he also excels at and is truly impressive. 

The Offensive Lineman

Here we have Alabama’s pride, Jedrick Wills. During his playing career, Wills started playing as a supremely strong right tackle, which makes his most positive trait as an offensive lineman. 

The 6’4″ and 320-pound offensive lineman is not just about pure strength, but what amazes sports writers and analysts is that Willis’s finishing mindset is so strong, enabling him to move like a monster in the field. 

Sports insider even dares to match and compare Wills to impressive top players like Jawaan Taylor and Ronnie Stanley. With a little bit of consistency, he comes close to matching Quenten Nelson. 

That impression alone shows that Wills’ credibility in the field is stunning. Though there are still some setbacks for Wills, it is still undeniable that there is already a team eyeing him this coming April. 

The Wide Receiver

It is perceived that picking a solid wide receiver during the first round draft would be an advantage to any team. Still, sports expert Mel Kiper of ESPN already mentioned that Vikings should set this as a priority for their team. Will they be able to pick the crowd favorite, Jerry Jeudy of Alabama?

Another Alabama pride on NFL 2020 draft, this time wide receiver Jerry Jeudy made it to the top rank. With his natural hands and elusiveness, Jeudy is definitely on the right spot. Acknowledged by being quick and fast, both on his hands and feet, Jeudy truly has perfected his body control making swift moves in the field.  

The Running Back

With elite playing career stats, Ohio State running back J.K. Dobbins made it to the cut as NFL top pick for running back. His impressive records during his college season give Dobbins trustworthy credibility that he can run and dominate the field. 

During his time with the Buckeyes, he ran 11 touchdowns against top-ranked six defenders and recorded an incredible average of 106.2 yards per game.  

Dobbins’ mentality to drive and run forward with the ball gives him a significant advantage in the field. Running through grain cuts, he might lose his balance but eventually gain it back and stay upright, offering a stiff arm. 

The Linebacker 

Fresh from Clemson, Isaiah Simmons is one exceptional linebacker. Other experts consider that Simmons can be placed in any position and still excel at it. He can be a safety or a cornerback, but whatever it is, Simmons will come crushing the field. 

Even with his height, Simmons’ athletic abilities give him an edge over other linebackers. It is foreseen that this young man will destroy any combine drills. 

As a real exception in the offensive lineup position, we will include NFL top draft Chase Young on the list. Young’s post is a defensive edge, or now called edge in the NFL. Playing in Ohio State during his college years, Young has shown incredible gameplays and left a lasting impression for the experts to mark him as a “generation talent.” Undeniably, Young is this year’s NFL top draft, and whichever team picks him will surely be able to utilize his abilities. 


Admittedly, this year’s NFL draft season is a total mix of talent, ability, and skills that will leave a good memory in the sports industry and entertainment. It will surely be an exciting season, and the field will be dominated by incredible players that all enthusiasts will look forward to watching. But before all that excitement, let us all witness first the upcoming draft and see who will make it to the cut.