How Do You Win on Football Index?

Founded in 2015, Football Index has grown immensely in the past years, attracting as many as 100,000 active traders to its platform. And there’s a good reason to expect that the first and most trusted football stock market in the UK will keep on growing. Even now, it continues to attract people with a passion for the game as well as those on the lookout for trading opportunities, allowing them to earn profit by keeping a keen eye on football players.

Trading on Football Index can be done by beginner traders and casual football fans. To gain a head start, many use a Football Index referral code for absolute beginners that offers a free £50 when you sign up, in addition to risk-free betting for the next 7 days.

Two Ways of Earning a Profit on Football Index

Before adopting strategies, beginner traders should get to know the 2 ways of earning winnings on the platform. The first is by buying and selling shares on players, and the second is by earning dividends. Let’s take a closer look:

Buy low, sell highTraders on Football Index bet on the future of footballers by buying and selling shares on players. The price per share of each player fluctuates depending on the demand. Traders can make a profit by buying shares on a player when the price is low and then selling those shares when the price is high.

Earning dividendsDaily pay outs are awarded to traders if the players in their portfolio qualify for the following:

  • Media Day DividendsPlayer finishes on top of Media Rankings by being mentioned on online UK football news. On non-Match Days, the top 3 players win.Match Day DividendsPlayer finishes on top of Match Day Rankings based on their match day points. Match Day Dividends have 4 categories: forward, midfielder, keeper,
  • and star player.
  • In-Play DividendsPlayer scores goals or gets assists, or goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet.

Winning Strategies Even Beginner Traders Can Use

New traders can bet risk-free on their first week on Football Index, and they can use this time to get to know the platform and try their hand at buying and selling shares. At the same time, they can follow these beginner-friendly strategies to help them get started:

Keep yourself informedTime is of the essence in trading, regardless if you’re dealing with company stocks or footballer shares. Share prices move in reaction to new information; getting the word about player injuries, performances, or transfers early can give you a head start and help you maximise your profits. At the same time, though, be aware that panic buying and selling can set you back. Make sure that you get your news from credible sources, and over time, make it a point to develop an eye for trading patterns.

Diversify your risks and profits From the getgo, you can work on diversifying your profit stream by buying shares on buzz-worthy players with room for growth. At the same time, it may also be wise to bet on the future of players who have upcoming high profile games or transfers, as their value can increase. Remember that there are plenty of ways of earning money on the platform, and you should use that diversity to your advantage.