Will Malachi Richardson return to Syracuse and other burning questions for 2016-17 season

Richardson is now officially an NBA player

Syracuse.com’s Chris Carlson calls in to chat about the Syracuse basketball offseason with Wes Cheng on The Juice on the Cuse Podcast hosted by SNY.tv. The Juice Online Editor in Chief Brad Bierman also calls in to discuss Syracuse lacrosse and championship season.

Here are the highlights from the show:

Wes Cheng: Malachi Richardson has declared for the NBA Drat but has not signed with an agent. How likely is it that he returns for his sophomore season?

Chris Carlson: The new rule changes are perfect for a guy like him, who might be reading certain mock drafts that have him going in the first round, and might have that in his head, and wants to see how it all plays out. My guess is that the end of the day, he’ll be back in a Syracuse uniform next year. It depends on how he performs in the NBA combine and how he performs in the workout with whatever team he decides to go to.

WC: One of Syracuse’s biggest problems this year was rebounding and protecting the interior. How ready is Paschal Chukwu ready to contribute next season?

CC: I think he is, at least in a somewhat limited role. He does not have a lot of offense right now. He’s a guy that you can throw him a lob, and he’ll dunk it. If he’s wide open under the hoop and you can get it to him, he’ll dunk it. I think the big difference he makes, which we talked about a little bit, is rebounding and the bigger difference is altering shots inside.


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9. Closing Thoughts and Wrap Up

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