Syracuse lacrosse goalie Bobby Wardwell: Team motivated to win championship

Kevin Rice Celebration Duke
Syracuse will play Towson for a shot at the Final Four
Kevin Rice Celebration Duke
Syracuse is still undefeated

Syracuse lacrosse goalie Bobby Wardwell joins host Wesley Cheng to talk about the team’s 7-0 start on The Juice on the Cuse podcast hosted by Editor-in-chief Brad Bierman then calls in to break down Jim Boeheim’s press conference last week.

Here are the highlights from the show:

Wes Cheng: Last year, the team lost 21-7 to Duke in the regular season. On Sunday, you beat them 19-7 to stay undefeated. Was it nice getting that measure of revenge?

Bobby Wardwell: Duke is a great program and they have a great lacrosse team. So to come out at the Dome and to play the way we did, we did a terrific job, and it was just a great feeling to get that win on Sunday.

WC: How big is it to have Ben Williams winning so many faceoffs? Has that made your job easier?

BW: Yeah, definitely. When Ben’s winning so many faceoffs, on defense, we can relax a little bit and know that we’re not the only way the team is going to get a possession. We don’t have it in our heads that we absolutely need to make a stop every time. We would like to, but we can play a little more loose, a little more confidence knowing that Ben’s going to win some of these faceoffs.

WC: What’s the adjustment been like from playing in a timeshare in goal to playing the entire game?

BW: It’s kind of nice. I didn’t mind it at all last year playing a half. It was an adjustment this year playing double what you usually do for every game but it allows you to get into more of a rhythm.


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1. Intro
2. Syracuse lacrosse goalie Bobby Wardwell calls in
3. 19-7 win over Duke
4. Improvement of defense
5. Ben Williams’ effect on the team
6. Brad Bierman calls in
7. Demotion of Daryl Gross
8. Jim Boeheim lashes out at NCAA
9. Future of Syracuse basketball
10. Closing Thoughts and Wrap Up

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