Philadephia 76ers forward Jerami Grant: I miss ‘everything’ about Syracuse

Grant said to get ready for a good season

NEW YORK — Former Syracuse star Jerami Grant was in Brooklyn recently as his current team, the Philadelphia 76ers, were taking on the Brooklyn Nets. We caught up with him for exclusive interview:

The Juice Online: So how’s everything going so far?

Jerami Grant: It’s going good right now. I’m injured, so I’m just trying to get back.

Grant said to get ready for a good season

TJO: What’s the biggest difference you’re seeing at the NBA level?

JG: Definitely the speed of the game. The pace is a lot quicker in the NBA. I just want to get out there.

TJO: Any other differences?

JG: It’s a lot more time. You have a lot more time on your hands. It works to your advantage, but it’s our job now.

TJO: Playing with all of these great athletes, you have to see yourself improving a lot.

JG: I see myself getting a lot better. I have a lot of potential, and I want to be able to fulfill that.

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TJO: What do you miss most about Syracuse?

JG: Everything, really. The fans were great. When we were back there, they were cheering just as loud as when we were there, so definitely the fans, and [seated next to him] Michael Carter-Williams [laughs].

TJO: Speaking of that guy next to you, the transition has to have been easier with him as a teammate.

JG: Definitely. It’s easier having him in the transition. It’s definitely easier.

TJO: What do you think about this year’s team? You have Tyler Roberson and Chris McCullough to step into your role.

JG: I think they should have a pretty good season. They’re (Roberson and McCullough) kind of new to it, but they’ve done a good job of working out. I’ve talked to a couple of people up there, so I’m excited to watch them play. I definitely think it should be a good season.

TJO: Well how about the guy on the other side of you (former Duke player Elliot Williams)? Do you think you’ll get up to the Dome for the Duke/Syracuse game this year?

JG: If we don’t have a game or anything, I’m going to try to get up there and see them. But we’ll probably have something, practice, or something, so I probably won’t get to the Duke game, but Mike and I are going to sit down and watch it together.

TJO: What happens if Syracuse wins that game?

JG: He’s (Williams) going to do some pushups if he loses.

TJO: If you had to tell Orange Nation anything right now, what would it be?

JG: I’d say, just get ready for a good season, and I miss you guys.

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