New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat playoff preview

ScottoWith the New York Knicks rekindling their rivalry with the Miami Heat, we sat down with basketball reporter Mike Scotto from to break down Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks’ chances.

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TJO: What is the biggest reason for former Syracuse star Carmelo Anthony’s resurgence?

MS: The biggest reason for Melo’s resurgence has to go to coach Mike Woodson’s offensive system that relies on isolating Carmelo Anthony on the wing 1-on-1 where he’s at his best. Woodson also stressed getting Melo more touches to get the most out of him. The relationship between Melo and Woodson has made Melo much happier around MSG and he also gave Woodson a vote of confidence for next year when asked by reporters.

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TJO: Can Melo ever co-exist with teammate Amare Stoudemire?

MS: I find it hard for Melo and Amare to co-exist on the floor. Even coach Woodson said it hasn’t happened to this point, and it’s his job to fix the situation. Melo has become the go-to guy for NY, but the team will also run offensive sets through Amare at times. When both are on the floor they can’t do a pick-and-roll because that’s not Melo’s game as a passer off the dribble. Melo is a better passer off the double team. Amare has become strictly a jump shooter and attacks the paint less often than in his prime. Both are at their best when either is sitting and the other is the go-to guy with role players around them.

TJO: Do the Knicks have any shot at beating the Heat?

MS: I don’t see New York competing with Miami on paper because they match up badly with them on defense. The only way New York steals this series is if Tyson Chandler does what he did with the Mavericks dominate inside and Melo continues to average more than 30 points in the series with 20 from Amare.

TJO: So what’s your prediction for the series?

MS: I see the Heat winning in 5 games. (I hope I’m wrong though!)

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