Voice of the Syracuse fan — Nerlens Noel fever & Saying goodbye to Melo, Waiters

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Nerlens to Cuse would be the best thing in a long time

For those saying Nerlens Noel coming to Cuse is a bad idea, stop it. Just stop it. As of today, Syracuse is widely considered a top 15 team, including only two players that played a lot of minutes last season. Southerland will join Triche and Fair as the leaders of next year’s team. Keep your eyes on Michael Carter-Williams who I believe is the most talented and explosive point guard to come to Syracuse in the last decade.

If Nerlens Noel picks Syracuse on April 11, CJ will be your starting 3 and Southerland will back him up. Xmas starts at 4 and Noel starts at 5. Grant gets a redshirt year, Keita backs up Noel and Coleman backs up Xmas. Sounds pretty deep to me!

On top of that, Nerlens Noel happens to be best friends with Michael Carter-Williams, the starting point guard for next year’s team. I won’t even explain why this erases any concern about chemistry. Nerlens Noel would put Syracuse in next year’s top 5 and create what I think would be a more explosive and talented team than this year’s squad.

–Nick Padula

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Dion and Fabricio: A Tale of Two Goodbyes

I knew they’d both leave. Their departures should have hurt equally. I should be proud to identify with both of them. Instead, I reacted to Dion’s decision with pride but Fab’s with derision. Why?

Dion fought to the bitter end. He cried when those evil Buckeyes cut down the nets in Boston. He left it all on the court. His face manifested our pain. He’s finishing the semester to help our APR. There’s no question Dion loved us as ferociously as we loved him.

But where was Fab? Was he crying when we lost to OSU? With Fab, could we have battled Kentucky? Reached the Final Four? We’ll never know. The not knowing separates the two legacies. It’s like Fab viewed SU as the starter wife. We feel used, and to a loyal fan base that’s unforgiveable. It leaves a bitter taste. He’ll always be the villain that robbed us of what could have been.

–Lian Shalala

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