Voice of the Syracuse fan, Apr. 03 — Syracuse’s spring practices

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The Less Distractions, The Better

Head Coach Doug Marrone has been secretive to start the 2012 football campaign. As of late, the team practices remain closed. Nobody can be sure as to why Marrone remains so secretive about his 2012 team but as a fan, I feel like the secrecy isn’t a big deal. Marrone is a smart guy and knows his team doesn’t need any distractions. I think he is smart to be keeping a tight lock on things. The team is close to breaking through as a prominent team.

If the team held open practice in Syracuse, it would put added pressure on the team to play well. With added pressure comes mistakes both on an off the field. This team needs all the help it can get right now and I think Coach Marrone is smart to limit the exposure this team receives. Less distraction the better.

— Jeremy Drumm

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Syracuse Fans Left In The Cold

Spring practices are typically open from start to finish. However, on March 20 coach Marrone closed them to tweak the way his players practiced and fine tune his system. As of right now, the first chance to see the team will be in Rochester.

I understand the purpose of scheduling a practice there, but at the expense of fans in the greater Syracuse area? Increasing goodwill and selling tickets are extremely important, but allowing another city to see your team practice first is hurtful to the local Syracuse fan base. Gaining fans in other parts of the state should be a secondary concern, not the main goal.

What will closed practices ultimately yield? The more I dwell on this bold move, the more I like the idea of opposing teams not having anything on us to start the season. My only concern is our sister city having the first opportunity to view the 2012 edition of Syracuse football.

–William Johnson

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