Boeheim declines comment on lawsuit

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim declined comment on a defamation
lawsuit filed against him and Syracuse University on Tuesday night following SU’s 80-61 win over Bucknell.

“No comment,” Boeheim said. “We’re going to talk about basketball from now until the year is over.”

Both Boeheim and Syracuse University were named in a civil lawsuit on Dec. 13 stemming from Boeheim’s reaction to allegations that former assistant coach Bernie Fine sexually abused Bobby Davis and Mike Lang in the 1980s and 90s.

The report, which aired Nov. 17, drew an immediate response from Boeheim.

“You don’t think it is a little funny that his cousin (relative) is coming forward?” Boeheim said.

Boeheim came under fire for his remarks, and he later said that he “misspoke” in his defense of Fine.

The apology wasn’t good enough for Lang and Davis, and they filed a lawsuit through their attorney, Gloria Allred.

Allred said that Davis and Lang would be seeking compensatory and punitive damages, although she didn’t specify a dollar amount.

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