We really know nothing about Bernie Fine scandal

This much is clear as more details of the Bernie Fine scandal come out at Syracuse—the more we find out, the less we really know.

Let’s review some of the highlights of what we’ve learned so far.

Bobby Davis comes forward in an ESPN exclusive to say that Fine molested him in the 1980s and 90s. Then, we find out that ESPN, the Syracuse Post-Standard and Syracuse University all conducted their own independent investigations, and found no corroboration.

His stepbrother Mike Lang, comes forward with allegations of the same thing. But later, we learn that when asked in the original investigations by the three agencies, Lang denied being molested.

A third accuser, Zach Tomaselli, comes forward. He comes with several credibility issues—not only with his own father, but also with his criminal allegations.

The same day, we hear a damning audio tape of a conversation between Davis and Laurie Fine, which, she says, is doctored.

How about the search warrant authorities were supposed to execute at Manley Field House? At first, authorities were going to search Fine’s office. Then they weren’t until they did.

The same day as the un-execution of the execution of the search warrant, Laurie Fine was planning to make a statement, until she didn’t.

Now, after everyone made a big deal of Boeheim’s loyalty rushing to Fine’s defense, sources say that a rift had formed between Boeheim and Fine over the past 10 years.

Oh, and there’s the part where chancellor Nancy Cantor gave Boeheim a vote of confidence. But ask former Syracuse football coach Paul Pasqualoni how that turned out.

So far, each time a new piece of the puzzle comes out, it comes with a condition. Or a fact we learn turns out not to be a fact. Or accusations that are made seem to be true, until they’re not, until they are, again.

What are we to make of this?

Say what you will about Boeheim’s press conference on Tuesday following Syracuse’s win over Eastern Michigan, but there was one part where Boeheim was clearly and unquestionably correct.

“When the investigation is done, we will find out what happened on my watch. We don’t know what’s happened on my watch right now. There’s an investigation under way.”


There is an investigation. It’s on-going. We’re going to find out more. Some of it could possibly make Syracuse look better. Other possibilities can make it look far, far worse.

It’s important to note that this is not a defense of Fine, Boeheim or Syracuse, because I have no idea what really happened.

I wrote shortly after this story broke that it was too early to tell what actually happened.

Nothing’s changed since then.

We may know a lot more, but with each step we take, the answers become more unclear.

Eventually, we may figure everything out. But we haven’t yet. And until we do, it’s too early for judgements or conclusions.

The time for that will come eventually, but that time isn’t now.

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