Report: Laurie Fine phone call released; Third Bernie Fine accuser comes forward

Two additional damaging pieces of news were released Sunday morning in a sex abuse scandal surrounding Syracuse University associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine.

An ESPN report states that Bobby Davis, the man who first accused Fine of molesting him, recorded a telephone conversation between him and Fine’s wife, Laurie, back in 2002, where Laurie acknowledged Fine’s conduct.

“I know everything that went on, you know,” Laurie Fine said on the call, which ESPN released. “I know everything that went on with him … Bernie has issues, maybe that he’s not aware of, but he has issues.”

During a portion of the tape, Laurie also spoke about a relationship with Davis, according to ESPN.

ESPN had that tape back in 2003, although after an investigation, both ESPN and the Syracuse Post-Standard did not publish the story because neither organization could find anyone to corroborate Davis’ story.

“We hold everyone in our community to high standards and we don’t tolerate illegal, abusive, or unethical behavior – no matter who you are,” said the University in a statement. “In light of new developments, we’d like to reassure you that SU is committed to getting to the truth in the Bernie Fine situation.”

Fine has been on administrative leave since a second accuser, Davis’ stepbrother, Michael Lang, accused Fine of similar conduct earlier this month.

Around the same time ESPN released the audio tape, the Post-Standard reported that a third man, Zach Tomaselli, was also molested by Fine in 2002. Tomaselli is facing sexual assault charges in Maine, according to the Post-Standard.

That prompted authorities to execute a search warrant on Fine’s home on Friday, according to the Post-Standard.

Tomaselli’s father, Fred Tomaselli, told the Post-Standard that his son is lying about the allegations.

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