Dion in the doghouse

Syracuse guard Dion Waiters isn’t suspended from the SU basketball team, but he isn’t in good graces either.

Despite what Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim had to say on the subject, there was some sort of a confrontation that occurred during Syracuse’s 90-68 loss against Seton Hall on Jan. 25. After pulling Waiters from the game, Boeheim had words with his freshman. As he was walking away, Waiters appeared to say something to Boeheim who kind of-sort-of half smirked it off.

Boeheim said if Waiters cursed him out, he didn’t hear or see it.

What definitely wasn’t seen during Syracuse’s 76-70 loss to Marquette on Saturday was Waiters himself, as he was benched for the entire game. And, although Boeheim said it was due to his recent contributions, it was pretty clear Boeheim was sending Waiters a message.

Now what’s most interesting here is how Waiters will respond. He’s got confidence, that’s perfectly obvious.

But what isn’t clear is his commitment to the team.

If you ask him if he should be starting, he’ll tell you, “Yes.”  If you ask him who is the best player on the team, he’ll tell you, “It’s me.”

On the court, if he’s got a chance to score, he doesn’t pass it up often. And as for defense, well, it obviously stands for Dion and not “Defense.”

Most of the team usually responds to his antics with the old “Dion being Dion” excuse. Not sure if that’s going to cut it any more.

From what I know, it’s likely he’ll see action against Connecticut on Wednesday night when the Orange plays the Huskies. It’s up to him to make the most of his opportunity.

Mike Lacett is a Senior Columnist at The Juice Online. He also hosts “The Bud and the Manchild” Show on The Score 1260 in Syracuse. See more at http://www.espnradio1260.com/