Week in Review (1/9): You buy wadded-up paper now

wesThis week, over at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, Sean Keeley highlighted an exclusive offer to Orange fans. For the low, low price of $59.99 plus shipping and handling, you could own your own New Era Pinstripe Bowl End Zone Freeze Dried Sod w/ Glass Display Case.

This got me to thinking of the Origami Boulder Company. What is it, you ask?

Well, it’s a site which sells wadded-up pieces of paper. Yes, you read correctly. The seller takes pieces of paper, crumples it up and sells it to you, plus shipping and handling.

Of course, with such a unique item for sale, it’s prompted the site to have a frequently asked questions section.

Here’s the first question in the FAQ:

Question: Origami Boulder? Aren’t you talking about a wadded-up piece of paper?

Answer: Yes dumb dumb! I already explain this at beginning. Why you too lazy to read first before you ask obvious question like this? People on Internet not very smart.

So, yes, Origami Boulder sells a wadded-up piece of paper, and from the looks of it, it’s been a highly lucrative business. Which brings me back to the Steiner Sports, the seller of this “unique” Pinstripe Bowl collectible. Shouldn’t it have a FAQ section?

If it did, it would go something like this:

Question: End zone freeze-dried sod? Aren’t you talking about a clump of dirt that’s put in a fancy glass case?

Answer: Yes dumb dumb! I already explain this at beginning. Why you too lazy to read first before you ask obvious question like this? People on Internet not very smart.

… No, they are not.

In other news from the week:

  • Lincoln High School All-American Ishaq Williams was originally supposed to announce what college he was attending this weekend. The Brooklyn blue-chipper has narrowed his choices down to Notre Dame, Penn State and Syracuse. The good folks over at Orange Fizz have been on this story since day one. According to them, sources say that Williams is currently “leaning” toward Syracuse. Either way, the fact that Syracuse is still being considered shows you how far its come.
  • Randy Edsall spurned Connecticut and jumped to become Maryland’s head football coach. There are several candidates for the job, but the most intriguing is former Syracuse coach Paul Pasqualoni. It’s not an all together unreasonable proposal. Pasqualoni is a Connecticut native, and before coming to Syracuse, he spent several years as the head coach of Western Connecticut. It may also make sense from a recruiting standpoint, as Pasqualoni still has some pull with Connecticut high school football coaches.
  • Speaking of former SU coaches, Rich Rodriguez was fired from his post at Michigan this week along with all of his assistants, including former SU coach Greg Robinson. As it turns out, Rodriguez has been incredibly helpful to Syracuse since he’s left West Virginia.
  • Cuse Country examines the Orange in the professional ranks including an exclusive investigation into the whereabouts of Matt Gorman.
  • Otto’s Army continues its look back at Syracuse’s 2010 football season.
  • Finally, here’s your comedic relief for the week. After SU’s 61-56 win over Seton Hall on Saturday, SU coach Jim Boeheim was asked what has led to Syracuse losing only a combined five games over the past two seasons. Boeheim’s response: “Must be coaching. Coaching, or luck. Take your choice. Let’s have a vote. Coaching? No? Luck? OK.”
  • It wraps up another eventful week in the life of an Orange fan. I’m sure there will be more interesting things to chat about in the upcoming week. See you all then.


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