Syracuse guard Tyus Battle playing almost as well as Dion Waiters

Syracuse guard Dion Waiters catches the ball against Louisville

How does Dion Waiters stack up against Tyus Battle?

You might see that headline, and think, “Wait, Tyus is averaging more than 8 points per game than Dion ever did! How is he playing only almost as well?”

While Waiters’ minutes were never significant enough to rack up the per-game stats that Battle will achieve this year, he was a beast every moment he was on the court in 2012 prior to getting picked 4th in the NBA Draft.

On perhaps one of Syracuse’s best teams ever, which finished 34-3, Waiters led the team in player efficiency rating (PER), win shares per 40 minutes, and offensive box plus/minus. Here’s how Battle’s performance this year stacks up:

Stat Battle (2017) Waiters (2012)
PER 23.6 26.3
WS/40 0.226 0.223
OBPM 5.7 7.4
DBPM 1.6 2.4
TS% 56% 56.5%
STL% 3.5% 4.6%
TRB% 3.8% 5.6%
USG% 27.6% 26.7%

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