Syracuse 0, Georgia Tech 56 — What we learned

Syracuse lost badly on Saturday

Syracuse was demolished 56-0 on Saturday by Georgia Tech. Here are some thoughts on the game:

It could be worse…

It was an embarrassing defeat. We got crushed, blown out by a team who we all thought we had a chance to beat. But we’re not 0-7, we’re 3-4. The season isn’t over. It might be tough to have such an optimistic approach after what we all had to watch on Saturday, but this team could still reach a bowl. Sure, not a great bowl, but a bowl game is a bowl game. SU fans: back away from the ledge. The ACC is a great football conference and we have a long way to go to be competitive with the top teams.

Syracuse lost badly on Saturday

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Couldn’t solve the run.

Georgia Tech went the entire first half without completing a pass, but still lead the game 28 to 0. Vad Lee completed just three passes the entire game but Georgia Tech had just under 400 rushing yards. How can such an imbalanced attack result in a blow out? The Orange never adjusted to stop the run. Sure, the triple option is difficult to figure out but there’s no reason it should have taken four quarters to solve it. Was this a defensive let up? A coaching issue? Or does SU just not have the personnel to compete with a team like Georgia Tech? Do you need to make 2014 Superbowl prop bets?

Our own worst enemy.

There’s no reason SU shouldn’t have at least put up a few points. Getting shut out was the most embarrassing part of the game. SU had some solid drives but they were shut down by penalties. The Orange committed nine penalties for 91 yards while Georgia Tech committed none. It’s impossible to be successful when you’re making so many mistakes. Shafer always talks about controlling the controllables. SU didn’t do that on Saturday. Do you want to bet on Superbowl XLVII?

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