Adelson: Syracuse has opportunity to beat preseason projections

Shafer's team is 2-0 to start the 2014 season’s Andrea Adelson joins us to talk about Syracuse’s prospects in the ACC and the conference at large. Wes Cheng then welcomes senior columnist Jim Stechschulte to do a position-by-position breakdown of the team on The Juice on the Cuse Podcast hosted by

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Here are the highlights from the interview:

Adelson sees differences in Shafer vs. Marrone

The Juice Online: A lot of preseason polls have Syracuse at the bottom of the ACC. Do you see a way they can climb more toward the middle?

Andrea Adelson: I think there is. I think when you look at the Atlantic Division, the top is very top heavy with Florida State and Clemson. I think everybody agrees those are the top two teams in the division at this point. But the rest of it is really murky. I think Phil Steele said I could see any one of these teams finishing third through seventh in any sort of combination because a lot of those teams have a lot of questions, Syracuse included. There’s a lot of unknowns about this team heading into this season. From the ACC perspective, a lot of the people who cover the ACC just don’t know a whole lot about Syracuse because it’s a new team in the league and they haven’t seen Syracuse play a whole lot. They’re just going by returning starters and what the depth chart looks like when they’re trying to make their preseason picks.

TJO: You’ve been around the program from the Doug Marrone era through the new Scott Shafer era. What are some of the differences you see?

AA: A lot of people have already gotten on the Scott Shafer ‘hard-nosed’ bandwagon. He likes to use that phrase over and over again. He wants a hard-nosed football team and I think that certainly comes through. I had an opportunity to interview Marquis Spruill, and he said that a lot of the guys on the offense weren’t used to Coach Shaf’s style, but on the defense, they were. But they weren’t. It’s taken some time to get adjusted to him being in your face, not sugar coating anything, being the guy who’s going to be upfront and honest and real and telling it like it is. I feel like that’s a big difference.


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1. Intro
2.’s Andrea Adelson calls in
3. Predictions for Syracuse
4. Thoughts on Scott Shafer
5. Clemson/FSU in title game?
6. Transition from Big East to ACC
7. The Juice Online Senior Columnist Jim Stechschulte calls in
8. Breaking down the offense
9. Breaking down the defense
10. Closing Thoughts and Wrap Up

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