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Just like season – good, not great

After Syracuse’s 63-52 victory over West Virginia, Jim Boeheim ripped into members of the media for being too narrow-minded when it came to the Orange. He believes the media has harped on the team’s recent woes and completely forgotten about the early season success. He believes they need to step back and look at the season as a whole and realize the Orange are right where most expected them to be, if not slightly exceeding expectations. Although I do believe he was a little too harsh (especially on the Post-Standard), his point of stepping back and looking at the big picture is sound advice. Syracuse is now 21-6, 8-6 in the Big East and has lost four of its losses have come to top 15 teams. This team is very good but not great. And that’s a perfect way to describe how they played against West Virginia – very good but not great.