Who’s got the best shoe game on Syracuse? We asked that, and more.

Dec 7, 2021; New York, New York, USA; Syracuse Orange center Jesse Edwards speaks to reporters following Syracuse's 67-53 loss to the Villanova Wildcats at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Brad Bierman, The Juice Online.

It’s the last calendar day of 2021, and as we prepare to turn into a new year, we asked the important questions to this year’s Syracuse Orange basketball team.

Who has the best shoe game on this year’s team?

  • Cole Swider- “That is a tough one, but I would have to give it to Joe for sure.”
  • Joe Girard III- “Myself, no questions asked.”
  • Symir Torrence- “I guess I have to give number one to Joe, but then me.”
  • Jimmy Boeheim & Barama Sidibe- “Benny Williams.”
  • Benny Williams- “Myself, cmon.”

Who’s most likely to sleep in for practice?

  • Jesse Edwards- “Wow, probably John Bol or Frank(Anselem).”
  • Buddy & Jimmy Boeheim- “John Bol Ajak.”
  • Cole Swider- “Frank for sure.”
  • Bourama Sidibe- “Frank definitely, man woke up late for practice this morning.”
  • Benny Williams- “Nobody, we all here on time, all the time.”
  • Symir Torrence- “Benny Williams.”

Other than yourself, who would you take in an SU squid game?

  • Jesse Edwards- “Oh Jimmy (Boeheim) for sure, he studies all the games.”
  • Bourama Sidibe & Chaz Owens- “Jimmy.”
  • Jimmy Boeheim- “Other than myself, I guess Joe.”
  • Buddy Boeheim- “Paddy Casey.”
  • Cole Swider- “Squid games, what is that?”
  • Benny Williams- “Cole.”

Who finishes last in a 2k tournament?

  • Jimmy Boeheim- “Symir Torrence.”
  • Symir Torrence- “Myself, I don’t play any of those games.”
  • Chaz Owens- “Sidibe for sure.”
  • Frank Anselem & Joe Girard- “Bourama Sidibe.”
  • Bourama Sidibe- “Myself”
  • Buddy Boeheim- “I’m switching it up, and saying Arthur Cordes.”

Who shoots the best golf game?

  • Benny Williams & Bourama Sidibe- “Buddy Boeheim.”
  • Frank Anselem- “I would give it a three way tie with the guys that go a lot, Jimmy, Buddy, and Joe.”
  • Jimmy Boeheim- “Myself.”
  • Buddy Boeheim- “Myself.”
  • Joe Girard III- “Myself.”
  • Cole Swider- “Oof, I’ll give it to Joe.”
  • Jesse Edwards- “Does it have to be a player? Because Coach Griff can golf.”

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Who is the best person to grab the aux cord in the car?

  • Jesse Edwards- “That is a tie. Both John Bol and Jimmy can take it.”
  • Buddy Boeheim, Joe Girard, & Symir Torrence- “Jimmy.”
  • Jimmy Boeheim & Cole Swider- “Chris LaValle.”
  • Benny Williams- “Myself.”
  • Bourama Sidibe- “Easy, myself (gets harassed by Frank Anselem in the background)- fine, or Jimmy.”

What teammate do you never want to see in a 1v1?

  • Joe Girard- “Nobody.”
  • Frank Anselem- “Everybody, tell them to come see me.”
  • Cole Swider- “I’m not afraid of anybody.”
  • Symir Torrence- “Cmon, I wanna see everybody in a 1v1.”
  • Jesse Edwards- “Buddy, the three is a killer.”
  • Buddy Boeheim- “No one.”
  • Jimmy Boeheim- “Cole Swider, man.”
  • Benny Williams- “I want all the smoke, so all of them.”
  • Bourama Sidibe- “I’m a problem myself.”

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