How Far Will the Bills Go?

Buffalo Bills fans are back and ready for another season of football. The team appears prepared with QB Josh Allen, Mitch Trubisky, WR Cole Beasley, and other important players. Even with McDermott’s commitment to the team, a vital question to ask is, “how far will the Bills go?”

Have you placed your Super Bowl bet yet, or at least bet on who will win the AFC East? If you haven’t placed a wager on a bookie, now is a perfect time. With a good understanding of the team’s ability, you can take advantage of the Buffalo Bills’ odds for this season!

Will the Bills Make the Playoffs?

Before looking into the more significant competition, it’s crucial to know whether the Bills will make the playoffs. The team has odds of -350 to get to the playoffs, which is impressive. With the odds value, it signifies that they have a high chance of making the NFL playoffs.

For the Bills, getting into the playoffs isn’t a significant challenge. The team has a record of appearing in around 29 different playoff games since the 1970 merger. Before the Buffalo Bills miss the playoffs this season, several things need to go wrong. For this reason, there’s little to no possibility of them missing it, primarily due to Sean’s constant supervision. 

Without a doubt, NFL fans know the Bills have a complete team. With professional QB Josh Allen and other significant players, the team will have a remarkable season. Josh had fabulous across-the-board development over his three pro seasons and guided the Bills to the AFC Championship Game. So, making the playoff could be effortless for the entire team.

How About Winning the AFC East?

Buffalo Bills have odds of -150 to win the AFC East. There are many other solid teams in the conference, but the odds still favor the Bills. The Bills have a record of 11 division titles, including their 2020 division win. Fans need to ask an important question, “can the Bills make history repeat itself, or will they perform below expectations?”

Other Solid Teams in the AFC East and their Chances Against the Bills

It’s reasonable to say the AFC East is a competitive division. For this reason, bettors should know the teams competing against the Bills and their different unique abilities. Here’s what to know about the other solid teams in the AFC East:

  1. Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins have a record of winning thirteen AFC Eastern division championship titles since 1970. Every fan of the Dolphins knows about the long-standing rivalry between the team and the Buffalo Bills. However, from this season’s odds, the Dolphins may not stand a chance against the Bills.
  2. New England Patriots – The Bills had a good edge against the Pats last season, winning by 2-0 in the season series. In 2020, the Bills-Pats game had a 24-21 win at Orchard Park, New York. Another significant win against the Pats was a 38-9 victory at Gillette stadium. If the Bills don’t get too comfortable, beating the Pats may come easy.
  3. New York Jets – QB Jack Wilson’s team may not stand a chance to win the AFC East in 2021. Among other teams in the conference, the Jets have the lowest division titles. Robert Saleh and the players may need to wait for another year to prepare for the AFC East title.

Do the Bills Stand a Chance at the Super Bowl?

For the Bills, making the playoffs or winning the AFC East may be straightforward to an extent. However, do they have the ability to win among more competitive teams? Buffalo Bills have odds of +1200 to win the Super Bowl. The odds are less impressive than their chances of winning the AFC East division title or making the playoffs.

With the Buffalo Bills’ odds of +1200, the Packers with the same odds value are next to the team. Favorites to win the championship include the Kansas City Chiefs and the Bucs. If Sean McDermott has a good shot at the Super Bowl, improving offense and defense is imperative. 

QB Josh Allen, Emmanuel Sanders, Stefon Diggs, and others will play a part in improving the team’s offensive capability. Resigning Matt Milano in free agency is also great news for the team’s defensive line.

Take Advantage of the Current Buffalo Bills Odds

Wagering should be easier with a good knowledge of the Bills’ future performances at the division level and Super Bowl. The team will make the playoffs, mainly due to their current lineup and form. Always stay updated with predictions to ensure your wagers remain correct.