Inside Syracuse basketball’s locker room after the 2003 NCAA Championship

Warrick will always be remembered for this

Former Syracuse basketball player Andrew Kouwe talks about his memories of the 2003 National Championship game with host Wes Cheng on The Juice on the Cuse podcast hosted by TJO editor in chief Brad Bierman then calls in to chat about Alan Griffin’s commitment to Cuse.

Here are the highlights from the show:

Wesley Cheng: We see, as the crowd, what happens on the court. But then once you’re inside the locker room and away from the public and the media, we can’t see what’s going on. So what happens in that locker room afterward?

Andrew Kouwe: As we go back in the locker room, on the whiteboard where Boeheim usually has his notes, someone wrote on there ‘2003 National Champions.’ And then we all sit in our seats normally like we would after a game, and he’s got the box sheet in his hand. He’s looking over it like he normally does. In a normal game, he’d probably talk to us about what we did well or we got rebounded. He’s just pacing back and forth right in front of us and not saying a word. Then we started looking at each other like, ‘Is he going to say something?’ I think Boeheim was just almost in shock. This happened. This finally happened. There was this silence of nothing. Then eventually he started going into how grateful he was to everyone. The whole staff, the players, for their effort throughout the year. I think he was just really gathering his thoughts.

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1. Senior College Basketball Analyst Andrew Kouwe calls in
2. Hakim Warrick’s block
3. What was Boeheim saying in the huddle with 1.5 seconds left?
4. The scene inside the locker room after the win
5. It was 17 years ago
6. Editor in chief Brad Biermand calls in
7. Alan Griffin to Syracuse
8. Patrick Tape to Duke
9. Closing thoughts and wrap up

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