Why is it so important to drink water?

I think every person remembers being told at one time or another to drink more water. I certainly remember my parents telling me to drink more. But why is it so important to drink water and what’s the correct amount for an adult to drink?

Why should we drink water?

Water is a vital ingredient to keeping us healthy. It makes up most of our bodies and has several important functions

  • Water flushes out the body waste
  • It regulates our temperatures
  • Helps our brains function

While food supplies a certain amount of water, we get what we need from drinking water or beverages.

Here are some reasons why water is so important in our daily lives

Regulates our temperatures

Water cools us down when we get hot. When we sweat or lose body water through physical exercise it needs to be replaced. While sweating helps to cool us down, we must replenish the water we lose in order to keep our bodies at the correct temperature.

Water creates saliva

Saliva is an essential substance for breaking down food. It also keeps the mouth healthy. Saliva production is reduced when we get older or because of certain medications. This is why it is often the case of taking medication with a glass of water.

It gets rid of waste products

Water is needed to help us go to the toilet. It also helps us to sweat. Both these ways eliminate waste from our bodies. The kidneys play an important role in removing waste and they need water to work well. Adequate water will prevent kidney stones.

Water protects spinal cord and joints

When we drink water, we help to lubricate the spinal cord and the joints. This means that we can enjoy our physical activities more, even as we age. Water intake also lessons the pain or Arthritis.

It is good for physical performance

Stating hydrated while you exercise means that you will feel stronger and more powerful during your workout as well as afterwards. Carrying a collapsible water bottle with you when you hike or work out will mean you always have fresh water at hand. Lack of water can cause dehydration, seizures and even death.

Water aids digestion

Drinking water before, during and even after a meal will help to digest the food better and more effectively.

Water helps to break down the food, thus ensuring that you get the best nutrients out of your meal.

Prevents constipation

We all know that fibre prevents constipation, but water also plays a part in this. If you don’t drink enough water, you may find yourself constipated.

Helps with weight loss

Many studies have concluded that drinking water while you diet helps with weight loss. Drinking water at this time has been linked to fat loss in overweight women and young girls.

Water helps prevent some illnesses

UTI, hypertension, kidney stones and constipation are all prevented by a regular water intake. Water also helps absorb essential vitamins so you can ward off seasonal colds and flu.

Water helps our brains

It has been shown that drinking water is the key to staying in good mental shape. Insufficient water can be the cause of lack of focus and alertness. It can also affect short term memory loss.

Keeps the skin healthy

Water keep the skin hydrated and moist. A dry skin ages rapidly and develops wrinkles

How much should we drink?

Men should aim for 15.5 cups a day while women should drink 11.5 cups a day. This is based on a cup measuring 125 ounces.

To sum up

With so many advantages to drinking water, it is common sense to drink as much as your daily requirement states. Have a jug in the fridge so that you know how much you need to drink each day and simply make sure tat by the end of the day the jug is empty.