Onion Juice: Syracuse fans experience unfamilar emotion

What is this called?

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During Syracuse’s 14-13 win over Pittsburgh on Friday, Syracuse fans expressed a completely dormant emotion.

“I don’t know what happened,” Syracuse senior psychology major Heather Donley said. “All the sudden, I started putting the palms of my hand together in a rapid fashion to make some kind of approving noise. I have no idea what this is called, but I liked doing it.”

What is this called?

This brand new phenomena that is associated with Syracuse football is called “clapping,” something that Orange fans haven’t done in over a year.

Local resident and fan, Julia Huff was floored by the result.

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“I knew what ‘not sadness’ was — that’s what I feel on bye weeks, but having grown up during the start of the Greg Robinson era, this whole ‘happiness’ thing, with the smiles and the laughter and the warm feeling inside my heart, that’s something I honestly had never experienced before. It’s actually pretty cool!”

The fans also started doing something else unexpected.

“Aside from using my hands to… what did you call it? ‘Clap?’ I also did something where I clenched my hand and moved it in an upward direction in the air,” Donley said. “Also, instead of booing, I did the exact opposite.”

Yes, fist pumping and cheering was something that was in abundance in the 90s, but has been in short supply over the last decade.

Long time ‘Cuse fan Donnie Phillips was furious he didn’t attend the game.

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“Usually, I just stay at home and annoy the family goat until she kicks me squarely in the scrotum, as I find that a more pleasurable experience than watching Ryan Nassib try to complete touch passes, but from what everyone is saying, this game was way more fun than laying on the ground clutching your crotch while you writhe in agony.”

Still, the feeling of winning has had some adverse results among the Syracuse community.

“I don’t know how to feel right now,” explained Marcus Burke, “On the one hand, I’m genuinely happy, but on the other, the whole point of attending Syracuse football games was to punish myself and repent for my sins. If this keeps up, I guess I’ll have to start watching the WNBA or something.”

Story by Nate Federman and Wesley Cheng.

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