Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
News By Nate Federman

Final reflections on the Syracuse basketball 2012-13 season

I'm trying to be an optimist, to not be angry or upset or bitter, to take pride and satisfaction and enjoyment in this team making a ...

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Comparing Michigan to Indiana as Syracuse awaits Final Four matchup

A week ago, I was trying to wrap my brain around how Syracuse would contain Indiana's potent offense (the country's number ...

Syracuse basketball: Seven burning questions answered

Remember the preseason? A time of uncertainty, when Syracuse fans didn't quite know what they had in their basketball team. A ...

Inside The Play: Syracuse shooting woes

I read the articles. I listen to the commentators. I hear the chatter. There's something wrong with Syracuse's offense. Yep. But ...
Brandon Triche

Syracuse guard Brandon Triche: Past, present and future

The Past When Brandon Triche arrived on campus his freshman year, I saw a kid blessed with great size, incredible strength, and ...

Inside The Play: How UCONN got so many open looks from 3 against Syracuse

“Basketball is a game of inches.” It's an old adage, often evoked when a shot rims out (as several shots did ...

Inside The Play: How James Southerland helps Syracuse’s offensive spacing

In the six games James Southerland was academically ineligible, opposing defenses attempted to shut down the Syracuse offense in one of ...

Syracuse basketball’s best, worst, most underutilized lineups

It hasn't happened the past couple games, but during our non-conference slate and into our first three Big East games, there ...

Syracuse advanced statistics show interesting trends

During the Providence game, I got an email from a buddy, Aaron Plante, that read, “I don't understand why Jimmy doesn't ...
Syracuse forward James Southerland waits for a free throw

What the loss of James Southerland means for Syracuse

Early Saturday morning, I was driving up to Bear Lake with my wife and a friend to go skiing, when I ...

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