Tim Welsh: Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim a ‘fighter’

Former Syracuse assistant coach and former Providence head coach Tim Welsh was on SNY.tv recently to break down Jim Boeheim’s recent statements following an NCAA report detailing SU’s infractions over a nearly 10 year period.

Here’s a highlight from the interview:

Q. What did you take out of Boeheim’s comments following the report?

A: I took out of his comment [that] he’s a fighter. And why wouldn’t you fight about what you’re accused [of] if you think that it’s [un]fair? I don’t think that Jim felt that it was fair and people from around the program don’t think it’s fair about the penalties that occurred according to what went on. I thought he did an absolutely great job of standing up for himself and the program, and what we stands for and what he believes in what went on. You have to have a lot of respect for that.


1. General thoughts on Boeheim’s response
2. Is a head coach ultimately responsible for everything?
3. Will Boeheim stay for three years?
4. Will Mike Hopkins ultimately be his replacement?

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