Syracuse suffers another injury during postgame interviews — the podium


Shafer was visibly frustrated in post game interviews

Syracuse suffered another injury during the postgame interviews…the podium.

Yes, by now you have heard about Shafer pounding his fist on the podium when a reporter during the postgame press conference asked him whether or not he thought the season, a 3-7 one to this point, should be classified as a disappointment after the head coach set eight wins as a goal before the season.

Ummm, hello, kind of knew the answer to that one, however, didn’t anticipate the podium pounding.

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“Yes,” Shafer responded as his face started to get red. “Because we didn’t reach our goal. Those questions are hilarious to me. I don’t know where you come up with those.”

Shafer pounded his right fist onto the podium, splintering the wood as he continued.

“We wanted to win eight (pounds fist) and we didn’t win eight, so you’re disappointed. Interesting question right there. You’d like to win eight. You’d like to win 12, 13. When you come up short, you’re disappointed unless you make excuses. So that’s why.”

He continued: “It hurts (and he wasn’t referring to his hand). “A difficult situation because that was one of those goals that we wanted to come back and reach. But we didn’t, so what are you going to do? You’re not going to cry over spilled milk. You’re going to fight.”

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