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Orange Watch: Washington DC an improvement for Syracuse basketball fans

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Item: The ACC buys a year of time, and maybe more, by holding the 2016 ACC Tournament in Washington, D.C. 

When Syracuse fans talk about the ideal scenario for a conference basketball tournament, the minimum requirements are that it be held in a major U.S. city, one that’s relatively easily accessible for students and alumni by plane, train or automobile and falls in the program’s recruiting footprint, is held in a modern arena with luxury seating options and with plenty of establishments near-by for pre and post-game libations, and a myriad of touristy things to do in and around the basketball schedule.


DC isn’t a bad place for the ACC tourney

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It isn’t New York, but Washington may just be the next best choice fitting the aforementioned criteria in a geographically southern-tilted league to keep a little of the northern, big city flavor when it hosts the 2016 event, the first opening following the next two years in Greensboro.

Think about it Orange Nation; D.C. is a happening place that’s (a little) cheaper than New York and easy to get to from virtually anywhere in the northeast corridor, the Verizon Center has enough amenities, there’s a lot to do with one’s free time, and the ACC gets to stick it to departing Maryland by hosting its premier event in the shadow of the Terrapins campus.

Sure, there’s only one Madison Square Garden and nothing duplicates the electricity of Manhattan, but the Chinatown District and surrounding neighborhoods of the nation’s capital would be a lot better atmosphere over a five day event than downtown Greensboro or Charlotte.

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