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Q&A with 2013 Syracuse commit Isaiah Johnson

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Isaiah Johnson was one of Syracuse’s first commits in the Class of 2013. He’s a 6-foot-4, 270-pound defensive end from Tri-State Christian Academy that will be a part of SU’s first class in the ACC. We recently caught up with Johnson to talk about his feelings on the new coaching staff and his expectations for Syracuse.

The Juice Online: One of the biggest stories in the last month was Doug Marrone leaving Syracuse and Scott Shafer taking over the program. What was your thought process behind staying at Syracuse?

Isaiah Johnson: I had a really good relationship with Coach Shaffer. Coach Marrone, he was a great guy, but coach Shaf, me and him really clicked because he’s a defensive minded coach. And my position coach, Coach (Tim) Daoust, didn’t go anywhere. Him, and my father and coach Shaffer all had a good relationship with each other, and that’s more important to me than anything.

TJO: What should Syracuse fans expect to see from you? Who you compare yourself most to?

IJ: Honestly, I don’t compare myself with anybody. I’m Isiah Johnson. I don’t compare myself to anyone because nobody is as unique as I am. I’m tall. I have quick feet. I know how to rush the passer fairly well, and there’s just a whole lot of things about me that I have to learn. I think I’m a late bloomer in this game called football.

» Listen to the full interview with Isaiah Johnson

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