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Three questions with Syracuse G Trevor Cooney

Published on December 26, 2012 by   •   Discussion
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I caught up with Syracuse guard Trevor Cooney following Syracuse’s 83-79 loss to Temple on Saturday. Here’s what he had to say:

The Juice Online: Trevor, can you talk about the job you’ve done and your roll off the bench through the first 11 games?


Cooney is trying to find his rhythm

Trevor Cooney: My job is just to come in and be a spark off the bench, just come in and play good defense. I haven’t been contributing as much as I’d like, but some games I have, and just getting the right looks and being confident in yourself and knocking them down. But when I come in is just to play hard, and good defense, really.

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TJO: How do you feel about your shot? Have you been thinking about it at all?

TC: No, I’m not thinking about it at all. I’ve seen a couple go down and get that confidence, and then they’ll start rolling for me.

TJO: How does a team react to a loss like this? You haven’t lost very much over the past few years.

TC: I mean when you don’t lose… we’re not used to losing here, which is good. But when you do lose, you definitely need to take a step back and realize that you can be beat, and you gotta learn from it, really. So hopefully we come back and have some great practices and go into our next couple games and into the Big East season.

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