No. 11 Vic Hanson — Top 15 All Time Syracuse Basketball Players

Each week over the summer, The Juice Online will be counting down the top 15 players in Syracuse basketball history. Vic Hanson is No. 11 on our list.

WHY HE’S NO. 11: Hanson is widely regarded as one of the greatest all-around athletes in college sports history. He is the only man who be in both the college basketball and college football halls of fame. In basketball, he led the 1925-26 team to a 19-1 record and the National Championship. He was an All American in both basketball and football from 1925-27 and was also captain of the baseball team.

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AFTER SYRACUSE: Following his SU career, Hanson played a season in the New York Yankees farm system and also played for the Cleveland Rosenblums in the American Basketball League. Eventually, Hanson became head football coach of Syracuse, and compiled a 33-21-5 before retiring in 1936.

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